Ramadan Moon Chart Activity for Kids

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I am very pleased to be back with some brand new easy Ramadan Crafts for Kids! I really enjoyed hosting last year’s Ramadan Guest Post series – it was a great opportunity for me to not only make this website more inclusive, but also for me to learn a little bit more about islam and the meaning of different celebrations. Today we are back with Ana Is Crafting who is sharing this wonderful Ramadan Moon Chart Activity with us – complete with Moon Chart Printable!

Make a moon tracker for the holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan Moon Chart

Please do take a moment to pop over to instagram and see Ana’s fantastic account. There are MANY more Ramadan activities to do with your children:

A word from the lovely Ana about why she chose this Ramadan activity!

I’m so happy to collaborate with #craftyourramadan over on Instagram (my second time around) and to be hosting this week!

I’m super excited to show you my entry for this weeks theme: “Welcome Ramadan”
..and the prompt I’ve chosen is “Ramadan moon”.

I decided to make a moon tracker: This is a fun and easy way for your kiddos to keep track of the days during Ramadan! ?

The moon it self is such a central part this time of the year and I really think it’s important for our kids to learn more about.

I also do recommend for everyone to invest in a printer ?? because it really helps your creativity and especially if you’re not the best in drawing (like myself) ???.

Supplies needed for this Ramadan Activity:

  • Recycled Cardboard
  • Your free Moon Tracker Template (enter $0 at check out)
  • Pens/ construction paper scraps/ etc for decorating
  • If you happen to have a plastic dial for to make a clock, do use that, else you can cut out a paper hand
  • Split pin for the moving dial
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Display stand or a ribbon for hanging

This kids’ Ramadan Craft comes with a Moon Tracker – free download – simple enter $0 at check out!

How to make the Ramadan Moon Tracker

Welcome Ramadan

As mentioned, this moon tracker is our welcome ramadan activity. So ideally, you should make this just before Ramadan starts and when the moon is “black”.

Print & Cut Out your Free Moon tracker

Begin by printing of your free moon chart printable and cut it out carefully – best to do this first, as it will determine what size cardboard you need!

You will now need to number add the days numbers to your moon tracker. You COULD add actual calendar days when the first day of Ramadan is confirmed – and align with with when moon phases. But to keep things simple for children, add a 1 for the middle black moon and start from there as Ramadan approaches.

Decorate your Ramadan Moon Tracker

Once you have cut out your moon chart. Make sure it fits the cardboard you have already collected.

Stick the chart onto the centre of your cardboard.

moon tracker ramadan

Now use your paper scraps to decorate around the moon chart. For example, you can add a purple outline, and cut out the words “Moon”. Let yourself be inspired by the shape of mosques.

moon tracker for ramadan

Be sure to add some Ramadan messages – i.e. Ramadan Mubarak!

ramadan stars

And you can add some stars or crescents too! Be playful with the shapes and colours you use! You can use stickers, glitter, colorful card stock.. whatever you have to hand!

Cut your cardboard to shape/ suit your decor. It is nice to give it that mosque outline.

Add a Moon Tracker Dial

You are almost finished. You now need to add a tracker dial, to help the children keep track of the moon throughout the month of Ramadan.

ramadan tracker dial

Cut a cardboard arrow and some more decorations for the dial (here we have a simple silver disc).

Pin in place with a large split pin. Check that it can still move!

Ramadan Moon Chart

Display your moon chart somewhere where the children can access it and help you adjust the moon dial each day! What a lovely craft activity for kids to welcome Ramadan! Now maybe combine these with some cute DIY moon-sighting binoculars (aka some TP Roll Binoculars decorated for ramadan) and your kids are all set!

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