Top Printable Christmas Projects for Kids of all Ages

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We have a range of super fun and Educational Printable Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers and Kids that I felt needed to be highlighted again for the holiday season. As we have so many fun Christmas Paper Crafts – many with templates and worksheets – it is easy to for them to “get lost”. So here we are highlighting the top printable Christmas projects to date!

Free printables for Christmas
Fun Christmas Crafts to make from our free printables and templates!

Come and eplore our printable Christmas favorites. Easy Christmas crafts just for you! Unleash your creativity with just a little bit of help from our printables and templates.

Free Christmas Printables for Preschoolers

As mentioned we have LOTS of wonderful Christmas crafts for you to explore – we have a fantastic Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers and toddlers that you simply have to check out. SOmetimes, however, we do appreciate a little time saving Christmas printable though.. and this is where this collection of activities and projects comes in..

Lacing cards
An easy craft for little ones

Christmas Lacing Card Printable

Free Christmas Lacing Cards – this is one our most popular free Christmas Printables on the blog. Lacing cards made to explore shapes and colours this Christmas, whilst developing your toddler’s or preschooler’s fine motor skills and introducting the basic sewing skills concepts! The lacing cards, can be used as part of a Christmas Card, can be used as a Christmas Garland or added to the Christmas tree as ornaments. Such a lovely free printable Christmas project that makes lovely decorations too! The shapes compliment any math shapes lesson plans. Grab your PDF file today.

nutcracker coloring pages

Nutcracker Coloring Pages as Suncatchers

Talking of shapes… are our special SHAPES Nutcracker coloring pages for Christmas. These come in two sizes – medium and big. The medium nutcracker printables make great bookmarks or greeting cards. The large nutcracker printables, are wonderful as printable Christams suncatchers!

printable peek a boo christmas elf
The pop up elf is so cute!

Pop Up Surprise Cards

Pop Up Christmas Gift Card – this is a fun little interactive Christmas printable that can be used in lost of ways – either as cute printable gift tags to print, color and assemble, as a printable Christmas card to make and send, as a little christmas decoration (e.g. pop them into a plant pot) or as a fun simple Christmas toy. There are three designs to choose from – the elf, the snowman or Rudolph. Alternatively…..

pop up photo cards

Pop Up Photo Surprise

… glue in a photo of your child and turn it into a Pop Up Surprise Photo Card too! LOVE the photo version. A super fun pritnable to send and surprise someone!

balancing elf printable

Christmas Science with Balancing Elves

Explore a little bit of Christmas Science with this Balancing Elf paper toy. A great way to show centre of gravity and the Earth’s forces!

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Snowman crafts are always a winner during the festive season.

SEL Resources – Emotional Snowman

Lovely Christmas coloring pages – SEL Snowman (SEL – Social and Emotional Learning) – Emotions Snowman Printable is a wonderful printable Chirstmas (or Winter activity) to help work through big emotions. This is perfect for some one 1 on 1 time, be it at school or at home. A lovely addition to any feelinsg related Christmas worksheets.

Surprise Christmas Cards
Free printable template to download and colour – can be used for generic Winter crafting too!

Expandable Christmas Cards to color and send

Expandable cards are always fun to work on and make and a lovely Christmas card to send to family and friends. Children can explore working with crayons, pens or watercolors and practice writing some simple Christmas messages. Be sure to add this to any Christmas printable pack you are putting together for use in the classroom (note: these printables are not for resale and for personal use at hom eor in the classroom only).

nativity scence coloring pages

Nativity Cone Scene to print and color

A full set of 3d Nativity Coloring Pages – build your own nativity with this wonderful free resource!

light up nativity printable

Printable Nativity Luminary

Or check out this simpler 3d Nativity Coloring Scene with Tea Lights. So sweet! (UPDATE: no longer free)

More Christmas Printables for Kids

I separted this section out, as I felt that the printables where a tiny bit more involved and therefore maybe a little harder for preschoolers per se to have a go at. But this shouldn’t stop you from working on these projects together! The first couple of projects are still free printables, whilst the final two, do have a small download fee – to help pay for the upkeep of this website! I Hope that that is ok!

Emotional Santa - SEL resources for Christmas
Santa Claus here to help with BIG emotions this holiday season

Emotions Santa Fidget Toy – SEL resource

Exploring feelings with our Emotions Santa Paper Toy! This make not only a fun way to explore feelings (I do think feelings at Christmas can be VERY overwhelming), but it also makes for a cute fidget toy. This is a free download Santa Claus!

Child Elf Paper Puppet
Adorable Printable Elf. We love Christmas freebies!

Dancing Paper Elf Puppet – STEAM Christmas resource

One for the whole family to enjoy.. Why not elf yourself with our fantastic free eld puppet. This is an articulated puppet that dances away and makes for great simple STEAM Project exploring the basis of mechanics. You can make this elf puppet with your child’s or student’s face, as shown in this example or use the designed elf face (one of which is free to download, the full set is available on Teachers Pay Teachers – but you only need the one free one to make your photo elf puppet!).

no leg nomes
These gnomes make fabulous decorations for Christmas

3d Paper Gnomes

Explore the “cone shape” as a simple but quirky and fun maths project this Christmas and maek some adorable paper cone gnomes! Complete with free paper gnome template… These certainly make for colorful Christmas decor, and are a MUST for any Christmas gnome fan. Love love love. These are great for homeschool to explore 3d shapes when doing a math unit. Or maybe even turn them into an advent calendar/ Christmas countdown? Hide a treat under each one! Follow our simple instructions today!

which outfit will you pick
This Christmas doll comes with 3 outfits. Elf, Santa and mother Christmas!

Christmas Paper Doll Dress Up

A classic take on the Christmas coloring pages – the paper dress up doll! I have popped the printable paper doll for Christmas in the “older kids” section, as she is wonderfully detailed. So probably great for kids of school age. She is part of a set of dolls that we are developing for the website, that you can all mix and match.

A couple of bonus Printable Christmas Projects

Though these Christmas craft ideas aren’t free to download, I wanted to share the makes with you anyway! As you may be tempted to grab the printables anyway. The great thing about the Christmas Tree pop up card, is that you can make it from scratch, without the need for printables. But printables and worksheets are available for those interested!

3d Christmas Tree Cards made from paper chains, easy Christmas tree pop up cards
You could easily embellish this card with fun stickers too!

Learn how to make a basic pop up card with this simple pop up mechanism. The Christmas tree paper chain pop up make a great cutting skills. Then encourage the children to explore shapes when decorating the card with DIY paper Christmas gift cut outs.

Merry Christmas Card with Ted

Pop Up Ted Christmas Bear Card with full set of printables. Celebrating our special Christmas Ted! Isn’t he cute?

I hope you have lots of Christmas family fun with our these free printable Christmas games and crafts. So cute.

If you want to see an extensive list of Printable Christmas Crafts (many more of which are free…), do check out this collection – including our classic 3d Angels – they make lovely tree toppers!

Christmas Printables
So many fun printable crafts to explore. How beautiful are the Christmas Tree Craft coloring pages?
Printable christmas activities and family fun