Super Simple Christmas Tree Card Design

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WE LOVE handmade Christmas Cards for kids! And over the years have brought many projects for all age groups. BUT, there was ONE THING missing.. a Super Simple Christmas Card design series, that allows you to make LOTS of cards in one go – e.g. for classroom friends or extended family. So this year, I have a great series for you. Bring you quick and easy Christmas cards to make. Today’s card is the Super Simple Christmas Tree Card Design!

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Super Simple Christmas Tree Card Design for making in bulk

Super Simple Christmas Tree Card – Materials

  • purple cards (either pre folded A6 cards, or cut down purple card to the size you want.. an A4 sheet of red card, can make two cards for you)
  • green paper
  • colourful paper scraps for details
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hole punch

How to make a Simple Santa Card Tutorial

Once again this Christmas Card Design series is a VIDEO tutorial series.. but I have added some short step by step descriptions for you below!

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Step by Step Easy Christmas Tree Card Design instructions:

As mentioned, we used some prefolded A6 cards in purple. But you can make your own card and also make these cards in ANY size or shape. If you have “standard” card, you can simply fold it in half to make a greeting card base.

The Christmas Tree and tree decorations

The tree is a simple triangle with a right corner. Take your green paper and cut a diagonal across the corner of the paper.

Then cut out a small brown sqaure (approximately 2cm x 2cm in our case).

Make some paper confetti from your paper scraps. But you can decorate the tree with stickers and ribbons too if you wish.

Assembling your Christmas Tree cards.

Glue down your brown square in the bottom left of your card.

Then glue down your green triangle – right up to the edge of the card. If need be trim the triangle a little to fit better.

Glue on your paper confetti. This probably “takes the longest”, if you want to save time, you can draw on baubles, use stickers or glitter glue!

FINISHED. That took less than 4min to make. If making in bulk or simplify the baubles, you can get these made even quicker!

Super Simple Christmas Tree Card Design for making in the classroom

Hope you liked our Super Simple Christmas Card. More designs coming for you soon.

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Enjoy! We love a handmade Christmas!!