How to Make a Tiger Paper Hat: A simple DIY Tutorial for Chinese New Year

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Well.. with the Year of the Tiger heading our way this 2022… we have a super quick and easy Tiger Paper Hat for you! This is a super simple complimentary activity I created for you to help celebrate Lunar New Year!

tiger paper hat

You can choose to make this little Tiger Paper Hat in 3 different ways:

  • Print one white paper/ card/ construction and color in.. you could even write “Happy New Year” on the sideas of the bands
  • Print on orange paper/ card/ construction paper, cut out and assemble
  • Print the ful color version on white paper/ card, cut out and assemble.

Really depending on what printing facilities you have and what paper you have at home. Personally, I love working with just white paper/ white construction paper. As it is the cheapest and most affordable method of crafting with children. So in short..

This makes a fun accessory for any animal study unit or for Lunar New Year. Maybe you even want use this as a birthday party grown for tiger lovers?

Printable Tiger Paper Hat

Materials needed to make yout Tiger Headbands:

  • White paper/ card or orange paper/ card
  • pens, pencils crayons for decorating
  • Scissors
  • A little glue , tape or staplers
  • The printable –

This printable is available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s stores. It isn’t very expensive.. and it is a way to help contribute to the upkeep of this website and allow me to keep creating lots of content for you – especially lots of FREE content! So if you would like to have a go… to pop over for your 2 printables.

How to make a Tiger Paper Hat with this printable

Assembling this hat, reallt is easy! The size of the hat is restricted a little by the paper size you choose to print on. But it should fit most preschoolers to about 3rd graders/ 9 year olds. You can always add a little extra paper in between your paper strips.

Choose which “type” of tiger hat you want to make – one to color yourself, or one printed in full color or orange paper and print accordingly!

If coloring your tiger – now is a good time to color and add any messages to the head band. e.g. “Happy Lunar New Year” or “Happy Birthday” if this is being used as a Birthday party hat.

Cut out your shapes carefully. The tiger image is quite a simple one – so most children should manage to cut this party hat out by themselves. It is great cutting practice!

Stick one the strips of paper together to make one long strip.

Measure around the head of your child and glue the other end of the strip of paper to make a full circle. If it doesn’t quite fit, cut and extra segment and glue in place. But it should just fit perfectly on younger children.

And done!

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