Paper Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas

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Two of our favourite things collide: Paper Crafts with Christmas Ornament DIYs.. bring you PAPER Christmas Ornament DIYs. Yay! So paper ornaments it is. There is quite a wide selection of ideas here, so I hope you have the time for a good browse and explore and find the Paper Ornament DIY that is JUST RIGHT for you. The majority of ornaments shared today are suitable for kids and adults, but there are also a handful for more experience paper crafters! Enjoy.

Paper Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas - How to make Christmas Ornaments from Paper - bright and colourful and oh so fun! #Christmas #paper #ornaments #kids

Paper Bauble Ornaments – 3d Ornaments using circles of paper

We have a thing about “paper baubles”… taking 8-10 paper discs, folding them and sticking them together for the fabulous Paper Christmas Bauble effect… and the best bit.. you can shape and decorate them in so many super fun ways. Check out all our “classic paper bauble” based ideas below.

You can take a peak at my Mickey Mouse Ornaments here:

Or learn how to make a “new type” of paper bauble and decorate it as this GORGEOUS Polar Bear Ornament. Featured in my new Easy Paper Projects book!

And here is our special Princess Ornament series:

This is our special series of printable Princess Ornaments – which actually also double up as little 3d Paper Dolls. So cute!

  1. 2 “coloring your own” Princesses
  2. Snow White
  3. Elsa
  4. Cindrella
  5. Aurora
  6. Belle
  7. Jasmine
  8. Ariel

Paper Fan Ornaments

We also rather like “fans” – paper fans are those “concertina paper” or “accordion paper folding” techniques, that look simply lovely. They are great for incorporating in ornaments too!

Other Paper Christmas Ornament DIYs

Then there are a host of other paper Christmas Ornament DIYs.. from paper quilled ornaments to origami ornaments… I could probably write whole blog posts about those alone… but here are some of my favourite to date.. as well as some Paper Christmas Ornaments with no “obvious” category, but that I think you will really like too.

Paper Ornaments Printables (Free)

Newspaper Christmas Ornaments

We love crafting with newspaper – cheap and versatile and oh so fun. We have lots of Newspaper Ornament Crafts planned for you, so watch this space for more.

Paper Ornament Prinables and Purchasable Ornaments

Finally, some fabulous Ornament Printables – unfortunately tehse are not free – but not EVERYTHING in life can be free.. right? Especially when these printables are so very gorgeous. I particularly LOVE the Triskele Globes, they look amazing and are surprisingly easy to assemble.. check them out. Affiliate links added to help support the upkeep of this website!

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