Toilet Paper Roll Spider Windsock

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Spooky season is heading our way! We love cute and easy Halloween Crafts for kids of all ages, especially Halloween Crafts for Toddlers too. Today, I welcome Manda Panda Projects, who shows us how to make a cool Toilet Paper Roll Spider Windsock. A fun way to decorate the porch or indoors.. make your tricker treats walk through a row of dangling legs!

TP Roll Windsocks for Halloween

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How to make a TP Roll Spider Windsock

We have been more excited than ever for the Holiday season this year, so the Halloween crafting is in full swing! In preparation, we have been saving all of our empty toilet paper rolls and I hope you have to, because now it’s their time to shine! This Spider Windsock is the perfect way to turn your trash into a fun Halloween craft.

Of all the Halloween characters, the Spider is my Twins favorite, so we chose him when making this craft windsock. If you find these as fun and easy to make as we did, you may just want to make some other Halloween friends for him to “hang” out with!

Ready to get creepy...I mean crafty?

TP Roll Spider

Supplies Needed to Make a Spider Windsock

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Black paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Black pipe cleaners – 2
  • Black crepe paper (streamers) – You could also use black ribbon or felt strips
  • Ribbon or Yarn – To hang
  • Glue

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Spider Windsock

First, let’s get all the spiders pieces ready.

TP Roll Spider making the legs

Step 1: Paint the toilet paper roll black.

Step 2: Cut 8 strips of crepe paper (or ribbon/felt etc), about a foot long.

Step 3: Cut each pipe cleaner into ¼’s, so that you are left with 8 even pieces.

Step 4: Glue each pipe cleaner piece to the end of each strip of crepe paper. Make sure to glue them the long way, and not horizontally across.

Now, we’ll make the TP Roll Spider’s legs.

attaching the legs to your tp roll spider

Step 5: Pinch and twist the end of the crepe paper around the end of the pipe cleaner,and bend it up just slightly. Do the same for all 8 “legs”.

Step 6: Glue the end with the twisted bent piece to the inside bottom of the paper tube roll. Glue 4 on each side, like spider legs.

Detail of spider legs

Let’s put on the finishing touches to your spider craft!

Step 7: Bend the pipe cleaners up, so that the spider’s legs go up and out, and the crepe paper can blow in the wind!

Step 8: Glue on the googly eyes

Finished Windsock Spider

Hang your Windsock Spider up!

Step 9: Glue string or ribbon to the inside top of the toilet paper roll. If you are feeling extra crafty, you can twist some white pipe cleaners into a “spiderweb” for him to hang from 

Now your Spider Windsock is ready to hang outside to keep the other ghosts and goblins away. We just love how his long legs blow gracefully- I mean creepily, in the wind! These toilet paper roll windsocks were so fun and easy, we may just make some other Halloween friends for him to “hang” out with. 

Finished tp roll windsock for halloween

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