Toilet Paper Roll Superheroes

Oh how we love Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids! I feel like I should write a book JUST on this topic.. or at the least an ebook. There are so many great things you can make!

Today’s TP Roll Topic is Toilet Paper Roll SUPERHEROES! Who doesn’t like a superhero? The best bit.. you can be as creative as you like. Invent all sorts of characters, with different logos and in cheerful colours. Use paints, paper, fabric, felt to decorate – whatever you have to hand!

TP Roll Superheroes
Super Hero toilet rolls Toilet rolls Red Ted Art

If you don’t fancy making TP Roll animals, then how about creating people out of your loo rolls – you can make a family, pirates, princesses or whatever takes your fancy!

Here we have superheroes.  To make your superhero loo roll, think about what superheroes mean to you – e.g. superheroes tend to have ‘bright, uniform colours’.

They have emblems and they have masks.

They may wear belts and pants. 

Here is an example of superheroes you could make.

To make your Superhero TP Roll Characters, use these supplies:

  • Toilet paper rolls or longer kitchen towel paper rolls
  • skin colour paint (optional, you can leave the TP roll grey too)
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • paper, felt and fabric scraps in bright uniform colours
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pens

How to make your Toilet Paper Roll Superheroes

  1. Paint the top third of your paper roll pink/ brown/ beige/ yellow/ white – which ever skin tone you wish (this will become the head of your superhero).
  2. Look at the paper, fabrics and felt pieces you have and decide what kind of superhero you could make.
  3. Cut out body suits, emblems, logos and capes and glue on. For example, Cat Girl, as a paw print for for emblem, the other superheros have a star and a flash as emblems.
  4. Add your googly eyes.
  5. Cut out masks and glue on. Again, with Cat Girl has a pink cat mask, whilst the star superhero sports a thick ribbon mask with slots cut in for his eyes.
  6. Add other detail such as belts and buttons for buckles.
  7. Finally, use your pen to give your superhero a face with expressions, and to add any other fine details you wish.

Now put on a brave voice and go and rescue some loo roll animals from disaster!

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