Valentine’s Gifts: Fridge Magnets

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Hooray, it is time for some gorgeous Kids’ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas! As part of our 31 Days of Love Guest Post series, we have these adorable Valentine’s Gifts Fridge Magnets made from Salt Dough! Salt Dough is a fantastic material for children to work with – inexpensive and versatile and there are so many Salt Dough Ideas you can make!

Adorable Heart Fridge Magnets. These cute little heart fridge magnets are made from salt dough and a great inexpensive make. Salt dough is so wonderfully versatile and there are many great pretty gift ideas you can make from it. These hearts would be great as a Valentine's Day Gift, Christmas Gift or Mother's Day Idea
First shared in January 2014

The 31 Days of Love series continues. This series is a set of guest post throughout the month of January. Designed to share with you the diversity of the internet and blogging world all around the theme of LOVE! Great for Valentine’s Day.. but many DIYs are also wonderful at Christmas Time or Mother’s Day (we have brought many together in this Easy Heart Crafts round up).

So far, we have brought you fabulous Valentines Cards and now we are looking at a great set of Valentines Gifts that kids can make. Today Amy from The Connection We Share shows us her adorable Salt Dough magnets, I think I would enjoy getting these for Mother’s Day too!

Making Valentine’s Day Gifts with Kids

Hi Red Ted Art readers! I’m Amy and I’m a tea lover, chocolate eater and a kale chip maker. I blog over at The Connection We Share and share things that help us connect and bond with the people we love. Whether it be a doing a diy craft or baking yummy cookies, all these activities help us spend quality time with our children and be present with them.

All you parents who have other children are going to laugh at me when I say this but I’m actually REALLY excited about this Valentines Day. Why? Because it’s my daughter’s first year in preschool so it’s our first time giving out Valentine gifts!

The little girl has more than 25 friends at her school and we also have to make some for family so I have to pick a craft that we can mass produce that is also cost effective.

These little salt dough heart magnets are super easy to make and cost less than $3 for 30 magnets. Win!

Gifts Kids Can Make - Salt dough hearts

To make these Salt Dough Fridge Magents you will need:

  • plain flour
  • salt
  • water
  • magnets & glue
  • paint or ink or stamps
  • cookie cutters
  • eco friendly glitter (optional)

Your best free Salt Dough Recipe!

How to make Salt Dough Fridge Magnets for Valentine’s Day

We started off with this basic salt dough recipe  and added a tablespoon of red eco friendly glitter to make it sparkly. Since I love the colour and the naturalness of uncoloured salt dough, we left it uncoloured.

After the ball of dough is formed, we rolled it out to 0.5mm (3/16”) thickness and cut out a bunch of circles with cookie cutters.

Next we stamped some hearts onto the dough with an archival dye ink stamp pad.

After the hearts are stamped, you could either let them air dry (which will take a few days) or you could bake it in the oven at 100C for 3-4 hours.

Either way, make sure to turn the hearts once in a while so they dry evenly on both sides.

When the circles are completely dry, glue on the magnets to the back and voila!

Aren’t they the cutest? I hope you enjoyed this wonderful guest post!

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