When I Grow Up Paper Puppets

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Oh, I have a fantastic resource for you today! If you are looking at When I Grow Up activities to do with the kids, why not check out this collection of When I Grow Up Paper puppets.. they aren’t just ANY paper puppets, but they are in fact a complete set of 26 ABC Occupations and Careers to explore! Yup… so not only can you discuss lots of different occupations, but you can also explore the ABC! Such a fun set of printable coloring sheet paper puppets. Easy to make too!

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Supplies needed to make your occupations paper puppets:

  • Printer & Paper
  • Coloring pens/ pencils/ markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Please note: to meet the full ABC requirements, we have some American occupations – e.g. the Athlete is in fact a Quarterback which stands for our letter Q.

I have currently grouped them as two sets – a set of 11 – which I think includes the most popular professions (Police, Firefighter, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Scientist, Astronaut, Athlete, Musician, Engineer and Vet) and the set of 26 ABC Occupations (which includes fun jobs such a Yoga Instructor).

Today’s “single” freebie is the Zoo Keeper or Zoologist Paper Puppet! It is part of the set of 26 ABC Occupations. But you can also have it for FREE as my special Red Ted Art reader!

The Set of 11 Occupations include:

Here are 11 of the most popular jobs your kids may be interested in!

How to make your paper puppet

As with all the finger puppets in this series (check out our Farm Animals and our Jungle Animals), making these finger puppets is really VERY EASY!!!

There is a video on autoplay, that shows you how to make the Snake Paper Puppet! The steps required are the same!

All you need to do, to assemble this cute carreers puppets, is:

  • Print your favourite occupations out
  • Color them in
  • Cut out carefully
  • Fold the mouth part in 3 to create the mouth cavity
  • Cut out the two strips for your fingers
  • Glue the finger strips in place

Make one. Make them all. A fun collectible Careers Craft to enjoy in the classroom or at home.

You may also enjoy the Farm Puppets and Jungle Puppets and the hilarious The Addams Family Puppets!


when I grow up