Easter Egg & Chick Paper Weaving

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Oh we are having fun with Paper Weaving at the moment.. and VERY soon will have a fab set of Easter Weaving Projects for you to browse and enjoy. Paper weaving is fun AND pretty. But it is also a great fine motor skills and pattern recognition activity for nursery, preschool and foundation years – you may even want to do it as a KS 1 Easter Activity. Our first in our series of Easter Weaving printables, is a super simple but hopefully cute Easter Egg & Chick Paper Weaving Printable! 

Easy Paper Weaving Chicks for Preschool. Adorable Easter Preschool Craft to print and make. Free printables for Easter.

I got the idea from My Kid Craft (do hop over for step by step photo instructions). She didn’t provide a quick and easy to use printable, so I wanted to make a free printable that you could use at home or the classroom. We adore paper Easter crafts! I then expanded on her idea and have created some Woven Egg & Chick Cards too.. and to stay tuned for some adorable Bunny Weaving and Woven Bunny Cards!!! More wonderful Easter Crafts for Preschool here!

Paper Weaving Chick Eggs

So today I have made two Easter Printables for preschoolers – the Egg & Chick Paper Weaving project AND a “plain” version, thay you can use to COLOUR AND DECORATE. The plain version would be great for mixed media collages too. If you have a go at using the printable and create collages.. PLEASE do send me some photos! I would love to see your (and your kids’) work!!!

I think these would even be a great Grade 2 Easter Weaving Art Project!

We also have a large Bunny in Woven Basket project for you too:

Easter Chick Paper Weaving – Material

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  • The printable (enter $0 at check out or click the big red button below)
  • Light cardstock for the printer. You can use paper, but light card is better. Or you can use paper and stick it onto card later (e.g. recycled card like a cereal box)
  • Paper scraps
  • Pens for coloring
    • We love using these watercolour pencils (US / UK)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or a little tape

Chick & Egg Card Printables!

Enter $0 at check out grab your free printable hosted on gumroad – there are two versions – a paper weaving chick & egg and a coloring page/ collage page. Just print out the one you wish to use!

How To Paper Weave Easter Chicks

This Easter Craft for 2 and 3yrs olds is hopefully pretty self explanatory.. however, My Kid Craft as a great step by step instructions to weaving easter eggs. I also love her idea of printing the chick & eggs onto coloured card. It looks extra fun and colourful.

If you are using white card to print your Woven Easter Egg & Chick art, then I recommend colouring your chick BEFORE cutting out. That avoids and mess on the table and kids can paint or colour outside the lines with less “messiness”…. Remember, we also have some fabulous Woven Easter Egg & Chick Cards and do watch out for our Easter Weaving Projects round up! Some great ideas coming your way.

Take a look at our Woven Egg & Chick Card version too:

These cute little Easter Egg Paper Weaving Cards are smaller than the large chick and are therefor great for slightly older children – maybe a brownie troup or a KS1 class. Great for writing practice too!

In the meantime, do enjoy this lovely Preschool Easter Egg & Chick Paper Weaving and see you again soon!

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