Easy Cow Crafts for Kids

We have a fabulous collection of Cow Crafts for kids and preschoolers for you today. My son is cow mad (no idea why! But he loves them). So we have amde a few cow related crafts over the years. And thought it would be time to share them. They are perfect for any farm animal study unit or farm animal loving kids!

Cow crafts for kids

We originally created this collection of easy Cow Crafts for the Year of the Ox and Lunar New Year (the last one was in 2020!!) I have retained the Year of the Ox information for you – as I think it is really interesting.. just scroll down for it below!

If you are looking for Ox or Bull Crafts to go with the lovely Ferdinand, the Bull story… pick any of today’s crafts and make it in black… maybe add a gold nose ring too and you will be sorted for Ferdinand crafts too!

So grab your scissors, glue and craft supplies and lets check out these cute cow crafts and get your creativity flowing!

Without further ado:

Easy Cow Crafts for Kids

Cow Corner Bookmark Designs
Of course we need a Cow Corner Bookmark to start things off!

Let’s kick things off with our super fun and favourite Corner Bookmark Crafts. And yes, we really do have a corner bookmark for every occassion, including this Year of the Ox Corner Bookmark DIY! I do think he looks rather like Ferdinand too!!

Year of the Ox envelopes
The cow’s head can also be turned into a fun envelop! Use white paper, pink paper and black pens to make this cute craft!

Similarly we have some adorable Cow Origami Envelopes! Changes up the colours for Year of the Ox and make use of our free Happy New Year printable.

Year of the ox
Paper Plate Ox Masks

My kids needed a cow mask for a school play.. they went off together and made this fabulous Paper Plate Cow Mask by themselves! They took the basic paper plate mask shape and added ovals with nostrils to help turn it into a cow! You can even add some cow’s ears too! So cute. Love it.

Highland Cow Toilet Paper Roll Craft - great for year of the ox too

The same goes for Toilet Paper Roll crafts. We have so many crafts made from this humble material. In particularly, we made this Toilet Paper Roll Yak Craft for an Paper Tube Animal ABC series. The colours also work perfectly as a Toilet Paper Roll Highland Cow, don’t you think!? And I do think highland cows are allowed to be part of any collection of farm animal crafts! Preschoolers especially will love this easy cow paper craft.

Free printable year of the ox card

A simple drawing prompt and card in one – learn about Chinese characters whilst you are at it with this free Year of the Ox Greeting card download!

Easy Pop Up Cow Card with fun cow puns

I made this Cow Pop UP Card for my son a couple of years ago (he loves cows… long story). The main focus of the craft is the cow’s pop up head, the cow’s body is simple – white and some black patches.. and done! Again, if you made it in black or brown colours, it would make a great Ox Craft or Highland cow craft too, don’t you think?

Handprint Yak Craft - perfect for year of the Ox too

Preschoolers again will love to make a handprint cow. And yes… my Yak craft inspiration continues… again this Y is for Yak Handprint Craft is part of a set of crafts – in this case our Animal Handprint Alphabet! Once again, this craft in black (with white hooves) would be a great Ferdinand Bull craft too! I love that handprint crafts are so sensory. My kids especially loved the tickle of the brush when applying the paint!

More Cute Cow Crafts from around the Web

I really need to create more Red Ted Art cow crafts! But in the meantime, here are some fun ideas from around the web!

Craft Project Ideas makes this Arty Ox complete with downloadable cow templates!

Learn Create Love also has a fabulous bull craft/ Year of the Ox printable template that you can print, colour and assemble for Chinese New Year! Love the horns of this bull! So fun!

Paper Bag Ox

Dltk’s paper bag ox craft also looks fabulous! This cow puppet is such a cute craft that the kids will love to play with!

Or try Dltk’s paper plate bull craft too! Another great preschooler craft. Get them practicing their fine motor skills and cutting skills and then adding their cow features to the paper plate!

Artists Helping Children, have this fab little Stand Up Cow Printable Craft.

Originally from Michaels – but the tutorial is no longer available. I thought it was cute though and wanted to share!

Simple Wooden Spoon Ox by Activity Village

Easy O is for Ox acivity by All About Learning Press!

How cute is this recycled container Ox craft from Free Kids Crafts! Rummaging through the recycling box and exploring conatiners and shapes is so fun. It results in some really unique crafting.

3 Boys and a Dog made me smile with this Cowboy outfit cow… what a fun way to dress up! All you need to start off with is a big box!

Paper Box World has a super cute set of box animal printables – inlcuding this cow or bull printable. How cute? You could make it from sturdier card and use it as a money box!

In the Children’s Room has a fun set of cow related activities, including this super simple but fun cow masks! Use our Paper Plate Pig Mask templates and you could even make it 3-d!

Buggy and Buddy has a cute simple Paper Cow.. perfect for those of you, who fancy a quicker craft!

Kids Activities Blog as a fabulous PAPER (!) Cup Cow Craft for you too (please don’t use the environmentally unfriendly foam cups).

Craft Klatch prooves, that you really can upcycle anything with this super quirky Golf ball Cow!

Thrifty fun shows how to make a lolly stick cow bookmark. Crafting with lolly sticks really is a firm childhood favourite.

Printables on Etsy

Finally, two Bull Projects from Etsy, that I couldn’t resist sharing!!! We made the mask in the summer and my son LOVED it.

Please note: affiliate links added for convenience. Should you choose to purcahse via these, I earn a small comission!

This Bull mask is by Wintercroft!

This quirky Paper bull is by EcoGami!

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All about the Year of the Ox

We love celebrating Chinese New Year with the kids. It is a wonderful time to explore other cultures, crafts and foods and always involves a trip to China Town for us. We have many Animal Zodiac crafts for you already, but today wanted to focus on Year of the Ox Crafts & Ideas!

These Year of the Ox crafts would of course also double up nicely as “Cow Crafts” for anyone exploring Farmyard Crafts this year. In fact, some of the crafts below, may be a little more “cow” than “ox” or “bull”… but by switching the colours around, you can also have a great cow craft for Chinese New Year!

What are the Year of the Ox Dates?

  • 11th February 1937 – 30th January 1938
  • 29th January 1949 – 16th February 1950
  • 15th February 1961 – 4rd February 1962
  • 3rd February 1973 – 22th January 1974
  • 20th February 1985 – 8th February 1986
  • 7th February 1997 – 27th January 1998
  • 26th January 2009 – 13th February 2010
  • 12th February 2021 – 31th January 2022

What are the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals?

As mentioned there are 12 Chinese Zodia Animals in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

You can learn about the power of the Chinese Animal Zodiac here.

When is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year 2021 is on 12th February 2021 and it is the Year of the Ox!

When is the next year of the Ox?

As mentioned, the next Chinese New Year is the Year of the Ox. It starts on the 12th February 2021. It will then be another 12 years before the next one in 2033.

What does Year of the Ox mean?

The Ox is the second animal in the Chinese Animal Zodiac. It is second, because, during a legendary race the Ox was kind, and gave the Rat a lift on its back. Only then to be cheated of his win, by the Rat jumping off his back and ahead of the Ox in order to secure first place. A cunning Rat, and a trusting Ox.

What is the Ox personality?

The Ox used to be an important farmyard animal – in many developing countries, it still is. It is associated with charactistics of calm, perseverence and honesty. It is an extremely capable and strong animal. People born in the year of the ox, are hard working, faithful and helpful.

Year of the Ox Crafts & Activity Ideas

Onto our Year of the Ox Crafts and Activity ideas. As mentioned, many of the crafts shared today, would be great for any farmyard crafting sessions – you can vary up the colours and details to turn the same pattern from Ox to Cow, from Cow to Highland Cow, to Highland Cow to Bull, from Bull to Yak… they are broadly speaking the same sort of basic craft and colours are interchangeable. In fact a couple of my crafts to today are actually a YAK Craft… which works surprisingly well as a Highland Cow craft too. Well there you go!

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