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Kids Get Crafty: Ice Ornaments

| December 29, 2010 | 84 Comments

As the UK experiences what some would say is a “proper winter”, let’s embrace the snow and ice and use it to make some beautiful decorations. How I wish this was my idea.. but of course it wasn’t! I saw it as part of a discussion over at Mumsnet – Winter Ice Decorations. They are simple and OH SO CUTE: Ice Decorations. A fab, fun, easy, quick craft, that also teaches a tiny bit of science (the whole bit about water freezing).

ice ornaments how to

The Book

Olles Reise zu König WinterThis is a (German version of a Swedish) book about enjoying winter and “shooing away Spring” when it tries to come too early. As our ice decorations are all about enjoying winter and WANTING freezing temperatures I thought it would be rather appropriate. The story is about a little boy, who cannot wait for the first snow, so he can go out on his new skis. When it finally arrives he ventures out into the woods to wind the King of Winter. Once there, he plays with all the helpers that make skis, toboggans and ice skating books. Father Winters makes sure that Lady Spring stays away until her time comes. In the end however, Lady Spring does return. The little boy is sad, but the book reminds us that spring is indeed beautiful.

It is a very “traditional” book. The drawings are old fashioned and I love the lesson about enjoy enjoy the different seasons for what they are. This is one of classics and hopefully will be cherish!

Find all of Else Beskow’s BEAUTIFUL books in English – including Ollie’s Ski Trip: Uk Readers and US Readers here (affiliate links added for your convenience).

The Craft

These are incredibly easy to make

Materials: dishes, some bits & pieces (we had berries, holly, helicopter thingies, a shell and some sticks), some string, water

1) Fill the dishes with water

2) Add a piece of string (make sure it is properly submerged or nice and long. One of our decorations fell of the tree as the string wasn’t frozen in properly. Not a disaster, we used it for our snowman

3) Place your items in the water – no point faffing too much, as they just float off anyway. In Red Ted’s words though “I like playing with water” and needless to say this was his favourite step

4) Place outside overnight to freeze  (we woke up, to them all being covered in snow)

5) Hang and enjoy!

(and don’t be too sad when the temperatures rise and they all start melting/ dropping off… all part of it!)

Happy Winter Ice Decorations!

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  1. Adele says:

    We haven’t done any thing in the last week lol

  2. Salma says:

    oh so nice! Cant wait to get real cold again! ha ha ha!
    Love it!

  3. These are sooooo beautiful. Weren’t they featured in Get Crafty a few months back? I think they are beautiful, and would make awesome outdoor party decorations – maybe hung outside the windows in winter!

  4. Never mind me! It was the lemon cups I was thinking of, from Garden Mama in nature get crafty. Sorry! :)

  5. Amanda says:

    Those are really cute, and your little guy is such a doll :)

  6. Maggy those are beautiful. Wonderful craft!

  7. What a great way to decorate the trees! It would be a great science tie-in too.

  8. These look so fun! Just featured them!

  9. sherri says:

    these are awesome!

  10. These ice ornaments are a great idea. On Christmas Eve, we made an “ice wreath” filled with carrots and cranberries for the reindeer, but I like your smaller ornament better as the wreaths are quite heavy.

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    Elizabeth – thank you for the feature! Much appreciated!!

    KJ – oooh, the wreath sounds lovely! Can imagine that it was heavy!!!

    JDaniel4’s Mom – yes, definitely a great little science project too – funnily enough, Red Ted actually asked me whether we were making them “for the birds” as it is the same tee we hang popcorn and bird feeders in! Bless him.

  12. Jae says:

    Great idea! We are trying that this afternoon. Will let you know how they turn out.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oooh good luck! Make sure you leave the out long enough to freeze, I almost ruined one as I check on it too early… Like a kid myself!

  13. NIna says:

    I love this. I saw some of these the other day at a preschool I was visiting. I must get around to doing them with the kids.

  14. Garden Gifts says:

    much appreciated!!!!!!!!

  15. fabmums says:

    oh they are so cute!

  16. Christy says:

    We make ice decorations every year too. We usually use a bundt pan to make an ice wreath. We haven’t done it yet, but probably soon. Yours came out great!

  17. Oh how fun!! Great idea! 😀 Thanks for linking this up to Craftify It Thursday!

    Have an awesome day!

  18. Listened to you interview yesterday. It was really fun to hear your voice.

  19. We love making these! We got a bit carried away with our ice lanterns pre Christmas but will definitely be making a few to pop in our apple tree to mark the new year! Thanks for linking to festive Friday! x

  20. SnoopyGirl says:

    Oooo… I can’t wait til it gets cold again. I want to make some of those! We are having a warm spell today, but winter is not over! I saw something similar where they spelled out noel with the berries and branches and made luminaria from them. Such fun! Happy New Years!

  21. I stumbled your post. Thanks for linking up.

  22. Pamela Manes says:

    How very clever! Love it.

  23. you always come up with great ideas! thanks for linking up at Crafty Saturday at TSWL! happy new year!

  24. Darcey says:

    Great post! I love that you can put just about anything small in these ornaments. they came out great! I’ve included your post on my favorites for the week here:

  25. Natalie says:

    Yes, this is classic. I wish we could do it, but on the other hand, I rather enjoy staying above 0 Centigrade :) Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  26. Judy says:

    That looks like so much fun…I’ll just have to wait until it’s actually cold enough for those to stay frozen for any period of time here :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Fun! We would have to put these in the indoor freezer here and then find the one or 2 days a year when it froze for a few hours outside–but they look fun! Might as well take advantage of the change in weather for some fun!

    That is a beautifully illustrated book; so darling!

  28. Mary says:

    Thank you for participating in the very first Masterpiece Monday! I hope you’ll come back again, it was fun having you share! Take care, Mary

  29. Audra says:

    This is outstanding! I mean, really outstanding!!
    How I wish it would snow where I live, just so I could do this with my kids.
    Thanks for linking up to Socialize with me Monday til Sunday.

  30. Carrie says:

    I miss those days that I got to craft with my kids! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your days while they last.

  31. Dorie says:

    What a neat idea with fantastic results!

  32. Julia says:

    Nice! We tried something like this but haven’t taken ours out of the mold. It’s great way to use the evergreen and cranberry decorations we’re taking down this week.

  33. Just came across this wonderful winter art, science, fine motorskills and great language building activity not to mention HOW FUN! I will be sharing this with the teachers at my school and also my family members who homeschool. Thanks for the post and I am a first time visitor. We are featuring winter on our blog this week hope you will stop by and visit. :) joyce

  34. We’re definatelly trying this!

  35. Rosi Jo' says:

    I just love it.
    It looks easy, but the effect is amazing!
    Unfortunatly, or maybe fortunatly, where I live isn’t cold enough to create theese wonderful ice ornaments

    Thanks, Rosi

  36. Red Ted Art says:

    We are “Lucky” enough that you can do these most years, but only for a few days: i.e. we get a short cold spell and that is it! Best of both worlds!!

  37. Julie says:

    Morning… decided to drop by to find something me and my munchkin could do today and found this. I LOVE it, however, we live in Texas, so it would only last a day or so when it is really cold. Maybe we will have to visitthe grandparents next winter to do this, because this is just uh-mazing!!! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

  38. Red Ted Art says:

    Ah Julie, lovely of you to say!! :-) we don’t get quite enough cold weather either – ours lasted about a week? But as it is “free” and so easy, it is worth doing anyway! Even if you do it in the freezer!!!

  39. Coolest ornaments ever – wow. Wish it were colder here for just this reason :-)

  40. sparkling74 says:

    THose are a great idea and I love how they are totally recyclable!

  41. Oh look yours have berries and stuff *gets competitive*! Must try harder!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Terrific ornament! Share your ornament (or more) on our Linky List to get exposure for your own blog and share with your community.

  43. I love these, Maggy! I’ve been wanting to make some for us before it gets too warm.

    Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

  44. Oh my goodness these are beautiful. That’s it. We are taking a family holiday to the snow this year so I can make all these fabulous winter crafts that I am seeing all over the place. (As I write this we are melting in a heatwave!)

  45. Red Ted Art says:

    Wonderful! You get to craft whilst on holiday!

  46. Bella says:

    They’re beautiful!

  47. Swedish mum says:

    Gorgeous ornaments! With this article going around again I just have to point out that the book is Swedish – not German.

  48. Agneta says:

    Great idea and fun for the kids!
    All the books by the Swedish author Elsa Beskow are very traditional and so so beautifully illustrated!


  49. Megan says:

    Beautiful. Is there an English version of this story as well? Sadly, my German and Swedish are both quite rusty, and in my area, kids are more inclined to know Spanish.

    Also, please note, with little ones be careful as I believe holly and mistletoe are both poisonous (although so pretty) so if you use them, use a close eye, both when creating and when they defrost!

    One could put birdseed in it for the little birdies to munch on as it defrosts too! Or I wonder if flower seeds, once frozen, would sprout …oh the possibilities!

  50. Kelli says:

    I am definitely doing this next time we get a freeze! Also, you can do use filtered water, boil it (twice, if you’re up for it), and it will produce clearer ice.

  51. Shannon says:

    Hi! Great craft! I think I saw you are from Germany. We are doing a booth at my daughter’s school multicultural night for our German culture. Wondering if u have any ideas for crafts, props, food, etc?

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