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10 Pine Cone Crafts

| March 28, 2013 | 10 Comments

Pine Cone Craft Ideas - nature crafting at it's bestThis week I have the pleasure of sharing 10 Pine Cone crafts with you – pine cones crafts for me are “the” nature craft to do. Pine cones are pretty. Pine cones are tactile. Pine cones are just wonderful – but what on earth to do with them? Pine cones are rather awkward to craft with too. So again, I got some lovely crafty bloggers together and we produced a short craft video live for you via the Google+ Hangout feature. Unlike our other Hangout feature, we seemed to have one little technical issue after the other. Resulting in a rather abridge video. Hey ho. It is kind of funny – especially, as I disappear and then reappear in fits of giggling hysterics around about the 5minute and 30 second mark. I am impressed how “team craft” carried on after I got kicked out of the session quite early on. Anyway. You can watch our Video disaster here. And then go below and check out all the links!



Pine cone crafts video:

1) I did START off this pine cone crafts session by sharing our little Pine Cone Babies – that we like to use and make as Christmas decorations. I was about to show you how to make it, when I lost my connection. But fear not, click through and see how we made them. Alternatively (and much better of course) do check out y brand new book – Red Ted Art (and Waterstones or Amazon).

2) We then moved on to Kids Chaos, with their totally ADORABLE Pine Cone Hedgehog. Really, he is too cute! (blog post to follow)

3) Next Aly shares her Pine Cone Wrapping paper idea. Easy and messy fun (maybe do it in a cardboard box to contain the mess!!) (blog post to follow, watch the video for info)

4) We then next had the wonderful Zing Zing Tree – sadly, we totally missed failed on the visuals in the video so had to take that out. But do check out her fantastic Pine Cone Pets – watch this space Mr Potato Head…

5) We then had The Fairy and Frog share a cute little Pine Cone forest scene play. A link to follow!

6) We love snowy owls, so adorable and will definitely give this one a go one day.

7) Kelly shared her Autumn/ Christmas pine cone door decorations. It looks fun to make and looks pretty! She also shared a super cute pine cone owl baby that her pre schooler had made THAT day at school. Perfect. She must have known her mummy was hanging out and discussing pine cone crafts that night. Super cute.

8) Me and My Shadow showed us a simple and yet genius idea: Pine Cone Photo holders. Why didn’t I think of that!

9) We were hoping to have Rainy Day Mum join us, who did a great guest post on Science Sparks about how pine cones are great weather indicators – it they are closed – the is rain brewing.

10) Finally, I would love to share our Pine Cone fairies – though Pip Squeak calls them angels!

11) Another simple idea for pinecones is to make an Autumn Mobile. We had a lovely time make this last year.

And that also means I can’t count.. with Kelly’s extra craft, we have shared 12 ideas with you today. Fabulous!

My new book also has some super cute Pine Cone Owls in it (an eagle eyed reader will have spotted it in the header of the blog).

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  1. Liz Burton says:

    Hilarious hang out!!

    Great crafts again ladies, thanks for having me.

  2. Yay for pine cones and very funny hangouts!

  3. I need to start collecting pine cones! These ideas are adorable!

  4. rebecca says:

    Ive just bought some glow in the dark paints and my kids painted the pine cones with them.

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