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Over 20 Shell Craft Ideas

| July 10, 2013 | 10 Comments

I see seashells by the sea… or doesn’t the rhyme go something like that? I forget.. but what I DO know, is that my kids LOVE collecting shells – all the time. They are irresistible, so I thought it would be nice for us to have a Shell Craft Ideas hangout for you and create this sea shell craft video!

First thing to note: before you go shell collecting, please check with your local beach whether it is allowed, as some beeches prohibit it.

Second thing: always wash your shells thoroughly once home and let them dry completely before using them!

20 Shell Crafts

The Sea Shell Craft Ideas Video:

In order of appearance

1) The obvious things to do with shells of course is PLAY! I share my little girl’s adorable little “doll” bed right at the beginning of the video. However, they love playing with shells all the time. They line them up. They put them in  a box. They take them out again. They share them out. They use them as “pretend money” in the “pretend shop”. They count. Etc etc. A friend once painted them all golden and then did a “treasure hunt” at a pirate themed party. Adorable. So. Shells definitely are great for PLAY!

2) On the video I show you our Turtle and Crab Shell Fridge Magnets and describe how we make them there. They are from my book Red Ted Art (available in the UK and with free international postage).

3) Kids Chaos describes the delightful art session with Grandma and Grandpa. Love that the kids got arty and crafty across the generations. And the time together meant as much (I think) as the artwork itself. Lovely family memory building (full post to follow).


4) The Imagination Tree makes lovely Saltdough Shell imprints, fun and fascinating for the kids to make and look super pretty. Lots of learning and developmental opportunities too.

5) Zing Zing Tree has a RANGE of ideas for us again! First up she shows us adorable little shell teacups! Super cute and definitely on our to do list. (full post to follow).


6) Next Zing Zing Tree shares the simple shell people, that look great fun to make. It doesn’t stop there…

7)… Zing Zing Tree also a delicate barnacle bracelet (watch the video around 5min 40 sec in) and..

8).. she also has some adorable little shell hairclips (yep, that will go down well in our house again)…

9) and finally (yes, that Zing Zing Tree has lots of lovely ideas), she shares a little shell “hanging” decoration – great for threading activities and keeping small hands busy!

10) Crystal shares a great necklace ideas – making the most of the shell’s “broken” centre. It looks perfect as  single “ornament”.

11) Domestic Goddesque, got creative, first PRINTING with (oyster) shells… fabulous fun artwork, messy play AND you can turn it into wrapping paper..

12)… and with the coloured shells, she then created a lovely picture frame. Love it.

In addition to the video, we have:

13) Me and My Shadow’s shell decorated elephant – which formed part of their “elephant parade” artwork. Love them ALL.

shell crafts

14) And she also shares, a “shell must” craft – the shell treasure box.

shell crafts (2)

15) I LOVE these simple shell candles from Hub Pages – there are more ideas on this page too, but  I thought the candles where quite original!

16) Martha Stewart comes up with some pretty looking flower pots.

17) Or if you have LARGE shells to hand, consider making some Shell Planters. They look wonderful.

18) A different take on the shell candle idea, are these simple flat shell candles (paint them first or keep them plain), OR these clam shell candles (you do need to take a peak at these!). Beautiful.


19) We love some shell windchimes or mobiles.


20) Similarly to our Walnut Boats, why not make a little Shell Boat?

21) Love the shell place settings (these are to buy, but am sure we can work out how to make them?)!

22) And things this shell tote bag is beautiful too – perfect for those “holey” shells!


23) We love these Shell Dollies.

shell crafts ornaments

24) And these shell ornaments would be great for a seaside Christmas!

Seashell art

25) Last but not least – Seashell poetry – what a wonderful way to capture holiday moments!

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  1. Natalie says:

    Lovely list of ideas, we have a jug of shells from lasr summer’s holiday that have been forgotten about, time to dig them out I think!

  2. What brilliant ideas

  3. Ilona Mulder says:

    I looked at all the shell ideas and found some great ones. I frequently search for shell art, because I also do art with seashells although a bit different than the ideas I found on your website. I you wish you and your friends can have a look at my blog and maybe comment as well.

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