Summer Activities and Days Out for Kids

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We have a LOVELY set of Preschooler Summer Crafts for you to browse.. but though a more varied set of Summer Activities would be great to see too!

The long weeks of summer break provide a much needed break. But when kids are out of school, they require a whole new set of activities to keep them entertained. This can be hard, but with these fun and exciting summer activities and days out for kids, no longer will you hear the infamous “I’m Bored!” line. From indoor to outdoor, you’re guaranteed to find one that you can do as a family and keep that infamous summer boredom at bay.

Summer Activities for kids - a collection of fun summer ideas

What are some summer activities for kids? What activities are done in summer?

Questions we all ponder when the summer months roll around. Thankfully, with this list of fun and exciting indoor and outdoor activities, whether it is summer themed yoga or some and easy crafts, we have got you covered.

Indoor Summer Activities

Let’s begin with some summer classics that you can also do “indoors” on rainy days. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always play ball and indoors we must day. Or you may find yourself busy with some work tasks that need to get done and the kids need be kept busy too!

DIY Paper Spinner Toys

DIY Paper Spinner Toys

We all need summer crafts that are not only fun but easy to make, right? No one wants to start making their craft, only to find it requires a long list of complicated materials. These DIY Spinner Toys are about as easy as it gets and act as the perfect summer activity to fill your afternoon

Have fun with homemade paper puppets

Make some Paper Puppets

Ah a classic! There are lots of different paper puppets you can make – finger puppets, dancing marionettes, hand puppets and more. Puppets are an amazing way to entertain your kids on a rainy summers day and require only enthusiasm and a free afternoon. You can make them look however you want, whether that’s recreating your favourite movie heroes or creating your own characters, finger puppets are a versatile and fun summer activity to fill your afternoon.

Learn to Sew!

Learn How to Sew and Owl Bag

Summer is a great time to teach kids how to sew and these Owl Bags are the perfect way to start. They are an amazing way to up-cycle old clothes or fabrics and kids love creating their own accessories to wear out and about. It’s a fun activity to do in the summer that requires no fuss or stress.

Easy Salt Dough Recipe and Sea Shell Pendants

Have a go at our favouriet Salt Dough Ideas, including Salt Dough Sea Pendants.

Salt dough is a great summer activity, as it is inexpensive to make, super versatile AND salt dough dries quickly naturally in the sun. We have a host of great Salt Dough Ideas for kids, but we particularly love the sea shell pendants. Kids love collecting sea shells of all shapes and sizes when they’re at the beach and this craft is a perfect way to turn them into gorgeous little necklace pendants. Salt dough is soooo easy to make and you absolutely can’t go wrong with these if your looking for fun summer craft.

Make Some Friendship Bracelets

These friendship bracelets are a summer classic, there are so many different typs of friendship bracleets to choose from. We love these from Crafts by Amanda, but also love our Cardboard Loom Friendship bracelets as they are so easy to make. They are such a cute and fun gift for kids to make for each other. They can pick and choose whatever colour they desire and they’re not too fiddly to make either. Fastened with a little button, they’re sure to be kept for years to come!

Or how about these ridiculously cool Ring Pull Tab bracelets?

Outdoor Summer Activities

Here are some lovely summer activities, that will also take you outdoors on those sunnier days.

Water Baloon Pinata

Water balloon pinata

Need to cool off quickly? Have a game of Water Balloon Pinata! This doesn’t need many water balloons to have lots of fun. Find out more and have a go.

Make some Bubble Mixture

bubble painting

Make some Bubble Mixture & Check out these Bubble Activities

Everyone loves some Bubbles! Making your own bubble mixture is easy and fun.. and there are SO many great Bubble Activities for summer.. From bubble wand making stations, bubble art printing and giant bubbles. Read on to find out more!

Make and float a boat

Learn how to make a boat and thenn take it out and float it! We have a great list of BOAT DIYS for you try out. They don’t ALL float.. but the majority will (especially this fun DIY Tug Boat!).

Or why not have a go at these draoble Egg Carton Boats? Boats are such a cute way to reuse your old egg cartons and you can test them our on a pond near you! We love them because not only are they super easy to make, they require only materials you’re sure to have in your home. You can find them over at Life at The Zoo.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Pavement chalk doodles are a classic summer activity, but over at the Best Ideas for Kids they’ve put a fun twist on this classic craft. Not only is it so cute, it is sure to give kids a fun filled afternoon. It’s also the perfect summer activity for preschoolers, so get our your ingredients and get making!

Stomping Bubble Wrap Painting

Outdoor painting can be one of the most fun filled summer activities to do with Kids because they love a chance to get messy. This creative idea from The Soccer Mom Blog is a great way to do just that. Looking for a way to use your old bubble wrap? This is the perfect activity to do in summer vacation!

Reusable Sponge Water Bombs

Learn how to make sponge bombs. We all love a back garden water fight and to make use of your old sponges, Kids Activity Zone has come up with these fun reusable water bombs. With those hot summer days coming up, we all need a way to cool down. With these water bombs, you can take part in a family summer activity that is guaranteed to be filled with fun.

Pizza Box Solar Oven Smores

Smores are a staple summer food and with Take Them Outside‘s Solar Oven you can now cook your own using your old pizza boxes. Not only does this make a yummy summer snack, it also teaches children some science in the process.

Summer Day Out Ideas

If you feel like going “out out” and not being stuck at home in away. We have put together a set of fun summer days out ideas that don’t cost the earth and are wonderful memory making activities. These Summer Days Out are ideal for any summer staycations! Enjoy.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is a relatively inexpensive fun day out for the whole family. Whether it’s strawberries or tomatoes, you are sure to have a farm near you that provides this activity. It also gives you fresh, locally produced ingredients to make a delicious dinner with that evening.

Visit Your Local Library

This seems like a simple one but so many people out there don’t have a membership card for their local library. It’s the perfect way to spend and afternoon and also a great way to get kids reading!

Summer Journals for Kids

summer journals

Summer journals for kids are a wonderful way to help prevent some of that dreaded “summer slide”. As with many of the activities in this section, there is no “one way” of doing this! You could for example:

  • Create a summer photo journal (great for photography skills too) – encourage older kids to write as part of this journal too
  • Create an arty journal
  • Print of and fill your empowering mindful journal

Back Garden Camping

This one is a summer classic and definitely one to add to the bucket list. It’s super easy and doesn’t require the advanced planning that most regular camping trips call for. You just need to set up your tent in the garden, start the barbecue and you’re set!

Try New Food

Summer is the perfect time to do things you’ve never done before. Whether that’s cuisine from another culture or just that local restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, summertime will finally give you and your family the chance to taste something new.

Grow Some Food

garden activities for kids

Whilst on the topic of food.. why not have a go at GROWING some food. IT is easy to get started with a recycled container garden, you can grow things on window ledges and there are many fruit and veg that grow quickly too. A wonderful way to teach children about nature and encourage them to try something new!

Visit a Gallery or a Museum

exploring art with kids

Again, this sound like a basic one, but you would be surprised how many small and unique museums and galleries you can find right on your door step. Whether it’s a dead authors house, or a museum dedicated to shoes, you’re sure to find a unique place to visit with friends or family. Our guide to London Galleries here, as well as some top tips of how to get the most out of your gallery visit with young children!


This one works especially well if there is an important luna or astrological event coming up. A full moon, an eclipse, a meteor shower, be sure to check a calendar of celestial events to check what’s up and coming in your area. Make use of our free printable constellations cube!

Explore the History of Your Town

This is something we’ve all been meaning to do. Take a look at old maps, talk to elderly neighbours, even search google. It’s a great summer project for kids to get to know the place where they live and you’re sure to find something about your home town that you didn’t know before! It’s the perfect summer vacation activity.

Find a Deal at Your Local Cinema or Theatre

Cinema’s and theatres almost always have some sort of deal going on. They might be re-screening old movies, or putting on a performances with cheap entry for kids. Check out what’s going on in your area this summer.

Explore Your Family History

Talk to older relatives, look through family records, dig up old heirlooms. It’s a job we all claim we’ll get around to doing some time or another. summer is the perfect time and it’s a great way to educate kids about the generations of ancestors before them.

Scavenger Hunt

fold the fortune teller
There are lots of ways to have a scavenger hunt

This one is so, so much fun and it’s completely free. There are lots of ways to have a scavenger hunt.. e.g.

It’s a great way to get kids interested in nature and their local environment and it’s guaranteed fun.

If you are excited about the summer and the July/ August months, check out some of these fun August quotes!

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