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Walnut Owls

| September 4, 2013 | 17 Comments

We love Walnut Crafts – walnuts are one of my favourite “craft materials” ever (I may be fibbing there, I am rather partial to Toilet Roll Crafts too) – and probably this stems from early childhood memories of making walnut boats and walnut babies…. Walnut crafts are also part of Autumn for me – as you start filling your home with oranges, clementines and nuts, especially the closer you get to Christmas! The tricky thing is to split your walnut without breaking it…. but THIS crafts, let’s you take the broken shells and still use them! Perfect. Keep the neat “halves” for walnut mice, walnut nests etc.. and use the broken ones for these adorable little walnut owls!

Walnut Owl Craft

Walnut Crafts

Materials per owl: a whole walnut, googly eyes, felt scraps, PVA glue, ribbon if required

1) Crack your walnut, empty it and then glue it back together again (watch the above video, to see how to best crack your walnut!). I am a thrifty old so and so and prefer doing this to using an unopened walnut as you still get to eat the nut! It also allows you to add a ribbon before you glue it back together. If you are adding ribbon, add it at the POINT end of your walnut, as that will be the top of the walnut, the “bottom” end is flatter and will allow your owls to stand up.

Walnut Owls

Walnut Crafts for kids

2) Cut circles and wings and stick! The kids choose the colours of felt, made me cut them out and then did the glueing.

 Walnut Owls Craft idea

I think that the washi tape owl is really cute too!

Finished!! The walnut owls with ribbons in, make great little decorations for either Autumn or Christmas. And Granny will be getting some for her birthday! Yay!

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What are your favourite Autumn Crafts and have you made any Walnut Crafts yourself?

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  1. These are so cute – I don’t like walnuts but considering getting some so we can make them.

    Thank you for hosting the linky

  2. Those owls are absolutely adorable!

  3. Ali says:

    awww lucky Granny! x

  4. Roopa says:

    Oh love those racing mice so much fun!! and the owls are super cute too.

  5. Great tutorial! These little guys are so cute! : )

  6. I love this idea, and I’m going to make them with my 9 yr old daughter and her friends this Sunday when we have a Christmas decorations party. She’s very excited about doing the owls! I have a quick question: what is the best glue that you’d recommend using? Thanks. Can you tweet me @notsonormalmum when you’ve replied as there’s no box to tick next to the ‘notify me of followup comments’? thanks!

  7. Hi, sorry, its me again! I should have been more specific, as of course, you say to use PVA glue. But I’m wondering if PVA glue is strong enough to hold the ribbon in place, particularly for things like the baby in crib walnut whose ribbon doesn’t have the advantage of being held together by the walnut shell? PS I think i’m going to have to put your book on my Christmas list!

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