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TP Rolls Unicorn Marionette

| October 16, 2013 | 11 Comments

It has been quite some time since our last TP Roll Marionette craft – we have made a Sausage Dog (which Pip Squeak ADORES), Autumn Birds and Giraffes in the past…. time for another one: Unicorns! As you can imagine, unicorns are pretty magical. And ever since the kids went on a “Unicorn Trail” at the Wilderness Festival this Summer, they are totally in awe of these magical beings. I thought…. wouldn’t a unicorn/ pegasus marionette be fabulous?? So.. of we we went and got crafty!

TP Roll Unicorn Crafts

Unicorn Craft Materials: 2 loo rolls (or one kitchen towel roll cut in half), masking tape, paint, paper, glue, googly eyes, wool, string, horse chestnuts (for feet, but bottle lids would work nicely too), stick or chop stick

Our Unicorn Craft Steps

Toilet Roll Crafts TP Roll Crafts Loo Roll Crafts

1) We started by shaping the head. To be honest, I think a “giraffe” type head would have been fine too (i.e. nothing clever, just the loo roll), but you know us.. 3 years down the line and we thought shaping the head a little would be fun. We used the same technique as with the birds and the dog: in this instance we snipped 6 lines into one end of the loo roll – only about 1-2cm long. Then curled them over each other and secured with masking tape. So it is a shorter version of the bird beak. Then we covered the hole with more masking tape. It is important that you use masking tape, as you can paint over this. Ordinary tape will not “take” the paint.

TP Roll Unicorn Toilet Roll Unicorn

We also snipped out “two ears” that we then propped up. Again, we covered the resulting “hole” with tape.

Toilet Roll Crafts for kids

TP Roll Crafts for kids

2) Paint your tp roll unicorns. Yes, Pip Squeak chose pink and yes Red Ted chose blue. I promise you, I had nothing to do with these colour choices. Let them dry.

TP Roll Unicorn Craft

3) Then we glued on some wool for the mane and tail.

4) Added some googly eyes.

5) Made a little horn for the unicorn – instructions on how to fold this are are over at the Giraffe Marionette post! But all you need is two strips of paper folded into a “witches ladder”.

Pegasus Craft

6) We then added some Pegasus wing: just a bit of thick paper or light card with lots of glitter! Once tried we stuck these on.

7) Now it is time to assemble your unicorn:

First we made the legs – one long ish piece of string for each “set” of legs and 4 chestnuts. I used a skewer to pierce the chesnuts as per our Conker Game post. If your chestsnuts are VERY OLD, they may be quite tricky to pierce. Fresher ones are easier. If you don’t have chestnuts, some colourful bottle lids could look just as nice. We liked the “clip clopping sound that they make! We threaded the string through one chesnut, into the lower body of the horse, through the body and out again to make a second leg and then at the end of that a 2nd chesnut. Repeat for the hind legs.

Connect the head with the body with a piece of string.

Connect the top of the head to the stick with more string.

Connect the body to the stick with two pieces of string – one coming located by the bottom of the neck (use the same hole) and one through a hole by the tail.

Pegasus crafts for kids

DONE!!! Enjoy your beautiful Pegasus Unicorn.

Now.. turn yourself into a Unicorn, with this easy PAPER BAG Unicorn horn DIY:

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  1. Oh wow – thank you so much for featuring our site and we are so glad you enjoyed our project!! Yarn & Nail art is fun any time of the year – we’ve made them for fall, winter, spring – now we just need to make a summer one :) If you and your little ones do make some yarn & nail art, we would LOVE to see!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh my goodness, your unicorn is absolutely adorable, Maggy!

  3. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh I love it – look at those conker feet!

  4. Marsha Koch says:

    This a adorable but not for small children. It was quite difficult to make. Fun for kids to paint and all but stringing it all together was a nightmare.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Yes, you are right, this is very much a collaborative project. Many of our projects are a like that. We work together on it and the kids do the bits they can. They help were they can and learn new skills along the way.

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