Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Our top paper crafts for kids! Stuck at home and need something to do? Here is set of top Easy Paper Crafts for kids to make all year round! The great thing about these paper crafts, is that they can be made from just white printer paper and colouring pencils if need be! Though of course having some mix of colours always good!

Paper crafts for kids

Before you move on

Do check out the Auto Play video, which gives you a peak into my Easy Paper Projects book for kids! The perfect age group for the book are 8-12yrs olds, though younger/ older will enjot the book too. Designed for independent crafting and teaching kids skills with every make. Turning one craft demonstrated into 100s of other possibilities and ideas!! 60 crafts… endless (screen free) crafting time.

Oh and all you really need is PAPER.. and maybe a little card and basic stationery! Woohoo.

Top Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper butterfly
Easy Paper Butterflies. SO CUTE!

A long term favourite with Red Ted Art readers are these fabulous (and of course) EASY Paper Butterflies. Based on the accordion technique, these are fun fold and oh so pretty. They are lovely as part of collages, greeting cards or maybe a cardboard photo frame or simple head band!

We love things you can investigate and play with. A super simple STEAM Project to make are these Paper Helicopters. Based on nature’s helicopter seeds, these are another quick make. Then explore adding more weights or different dimensions. Which helicopters fly the best?! Love that you can also make these from scrap paper! Similarly, you may love our Paper Spinner Toys (though a little cardboard is needed!).

DIY Corner Bookmarks are a HUGE favourite with Red Ted Art readers. I am not surprised, they are easy to make and are so fun! These Monster Corner Bookmarks are an all time “classic”.. however, can you believe, we have well over 100 different designs to choose from – all based on the very basic Origami Corner Bookmark. Wonderful.

Another long term favourite are these super simple paper hand puppets. Learn how to fold the basic shape, then decorate it to your heart’s content. But we think these Dog Hand Puppets are the best – or maybe you prefer our piggies?! More paper puppet designs coming soon!

Speaking of piggies! Another type of hand puppet you can make – actually, if you look closely, you will see that these are based on the childhood classic “Paper Fortune Tellers” or “Cootie catchers” as they are known in some parts of the world. A super fun toy, that generations of children all over the world have enjoyed making. If you haven’t learn how to yet, NOW is the time to give them a go. Use them as the classic toy with numbers and questions or turn them into quirkly little hand puppets like these piggies here! Or check out our free printables, like our gorgeous Halloween Quiz Cootie Catchers!

Finger Puppets made from paper

These paper bird finger puppets took the internet by storm last summer.. well we were in lockdown and didn’t have much to do.. right! Ha. But we made these using scraper from the bin and colouring them in brightly! Fun.

So I say “timeless” paper crafts that you can make all year round.. and here we have a Frankenstein. This is a Halloween Craft, I here you shout.. yes it is! But you can make this fun “ball and cup” game “plain” too – for all year round fun. Or check out our Sky Kids Series – where I turn these into a shark and fish catching game. SOOOOO cute! (There is also Series 2 on Sky Kids here!).

We love a good “paper bauble craft” – this circle folding technique is ridiculously easy and even easy to master for young children… and yet the result is so effective. We have made “circle paper bauble” crafts over and over the years… and particularly love how cheerful these 3d Paper Fish are to make!! Alternatively, whit not take a peak at our Paper Unicorns? There are ornament versions, as well as pop up card versions!

Another long term favourite hereon the blog are these 3d paper flowers. They are so simple to make and look great. Mix up the colours for spring flowers, summer flowers.. or even make a set of poinsettias!

So this is a collection of our TOP Paper Crafts for Kids to date. There is NO Question that we have tons more for you.. but I didn’t want to overwhelm you!

Easy Paper Projects Book

The paper dog hand puppets, bookmarks, helicopters and paper flowers all feature in my kids craft book – as they are so very popular with my readers! Afterall, this IS my top set of easy kids’ paper crafts… But of course, there are many more ideas in the book that you won’t find online!

If you like what you see and want more inspiration (and maybe some screen free time), why not check out my Paper Projects Book:

Easy Paper Projects book

The book is available in big US Bookstores, Amazon, Fishpond or if the UK in my ebay shop!

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