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Bunny & Rabbit Crafts (and some cheeky Carrots!)

| March 4, 2014 | 13 Comments

Bunnies and rabbits are BIG in our house. Both the kids “comforters” are and were Rabbits. So it is only natural for us to explore some bunny crafts… and as Easter is around the corner, bunny crafts are just perfect for your Easter craft inspiration too. So I set my fellow crafty bloggers the challenge to come up with some bouncy rabbit crafts to inspire us all. As per usual, we have a little video for you, followed by the links with more detail blog posts!

32 Adorable Bunny Crafts

Bunny Crafts & Treats Video

Bunny Crafts & Treats Links

bunny rabbit pattern

1) Knitted Bunny Pattern (30sec)

2) Bunny Egg Decoration (50sec)

Easter Craft Basket - Tissue Paper Mache

3) Papier Mache Bunny Basket (1min 15 sec)

4) 5min TP Roll Bunny (2min)

5) Carrot Cake & Carrot Decorations (3min)

6) Kids Chaos: Carrot Soup (3min 30sec )

7) Kids Chaos: Bunny Cookies (4min )

8) Kids Chaos: Bunny Pompoms (4min 30sec)

rabbit craft

9) Kids Chaos: Denim Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Pockets (5min 25sec)

10) Zing Zing Tree: Peg Bunnies (6min 20sec – watch the video)

11) Zing Zing Tree: Towel Bunnies (7min 10sec – watch the video)

12) Zing Zing Tree: Felted Bunny + pipecleaner carrot (7min 50sec)


13) Zing Zing Tree: 5 Paper Bunnies Idea– cards, decorations,  tags, mobile, cards….  (8min 20sec )

14) Domestic Goddesque – Milk Carton Jug Bunny ears (10min 15sec – watch the video)

15) Domestic Goddesque –  Pipecleaner Bunnies

16) Domestic Goodesque – TP Roll & Finger Print Bunny Cards (11min 30 sec – watch the video)

17) Domestic Goddesque – (Beginner Sew)  Sock Bunnies (12min 15 sec) and here is a NO SEW Sock Bunny for kids to make

bunny cards

18) Me and My Shadow – Bunny Cards (13min 30sec)

19) Me and My Shadow – Bunny Ear Jars (14min 20sec )

20) Me and My Shadow – Bunny Bread and Bunny Bento Lunchbox ( 15min)

And here some extra Bunny Crafts!

bunny crafts

Bead Bunny Bookmark

bunny crafts (2)

Felt Finger Puppet Bunnies


Miffy Garland (with Printable)


DIY Miffy Cake

Bunny Crafts (3)

Bunny Pattern

Bunny Treats

Cute Bunny Cupcakes

bunny crafts

Pompom and cupcake case Bunnies

Bunny ears

Easy Bunny Ears

Bunny craft idea

Clay Bunny Craft (Flickr)

Peep Pal Craft

Little Peep Pal

Bunny crochet

Amigurumi Bunny Pattern

rabbit soft toy

Regina the Rabbit


Bunny Memory Game (printable)

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  1. WHAT a wonderful collection, thanks for featuring me AGAIN you darling x

  2. Liz Burton says:

    Wow wow wow! I want to make ALL these. Better hop to it!

    Thanks for having me on the hangout, great fun again.

  3. Such fun and sooo many fab crafts from everyone … as always 😉

  4. HPMcQ says:

    some excellent excellent suggestions, i must get my easter craft on!

  5. Georgie says:

    Great! We have been looking for some new Easter ideas. One of my sons has to blow and design an egg for school and we all have a fond spot for Miffy.

  6. Rebekah says:

    Where would I be without your wonderful ideas. Thank you for giving me and my girls such lovely ideas to keep our hands and minds busy.

  7. Annie says:

    These are all simply adorable! Thank you for making this list. I particularly like the clay bunnies :) so cute! I have loads of air dry clay at the ready, so will certainly have a go at making one or two… or three… maybe even four!

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