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Pom Pom Birds / Chicks

| March 24, 2014 | 7 Comments

The kids and I are Pom Pom mad right now… I come down in the mornings and our Pom Pom seem to just multiply of their own accord. We have our new Pom Pom Maker to thank for that. Needless to say, you can make pom poms with two circular peices of card, a fork or a rectangular piece of card, or even just using your fingers… but I do like our pom pom maker, as it has given the kids an autonomy that they haven’t had before! And as it is Spring, we thought some Spring pom poms would be nice: pom pom birds or pom pom chicks if you place them in a little nest.

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pom pom birds how to

Mr Printable is an AMAZING crafter that makes WONDERFUL pom poms (he has the cutest lion, koala, tiger etc imaginable).. and I “pinched” his little pencil trick to make our pom pom bird wings, after seen these pom pom birds on google, but without instructions. So I decided to experiment.

Pom Pom Birds Materials: a pom pom makre or two circular pieces of card, 2 pencils or pen lids, wool in contrasting colours, felt and glue (a hot glue gun works nicely).

We have these Pom Pom Makers (affiliate links)

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Pom Pom Birds

1) Start by making the wings – add your penicl or lid to the side of your pom pom maker to make the pom pom chick’s wings. I wrapped the contrasting colour about 10-12 times narrowly around it. (top left picture)

2) Switch colours and make a thick pom pom with the second colour. If you are using to circular sheets of card, make sure that your “wings” are on opposing sides of your pom pom circle – so that you get your pom pom bird with nice eveb wings on either side. (top middle picture)

3) Close your pom pom maker and repeat on the second half of your pom pom maker. (top right & middle left picture)

4) Close the second half. (middle right picture)

5) Now it is time to cut your pom pom bird’s wool: cut with sharp scissors (if you use blunt ones, this can be very hard work – the sharper the front of your scissors is, the easier this will be!) (bottom left picture)

6) Wrap your wool around your pom pom and tie a double knot – I made sure that the knot is exactly between the two wings, so that you can then “hang” your pom pom bird the right way round. (bottom middle picture)

7) Trim your pom pom chick if necessary! (bottom left picture)

8. Cut some eyes and a beak from felt and glue in place (a hot glue gun is great for this, though good PVA glue will do too).

Pom pom chicks

Then hang your pom pom bird!!! Cheap cheap.

Cute Pom Pom Birds

Try out different colour combinations! And experiment with googly eyes!

pom pom birds craft

 Awww we do love our Pom Pom Birds!!!

Pom pom makers for kids

And here is my four year old at work… gotta love these  Pom Pom Makers!!  I had to “start her off” with the wings bit and she did the rest!

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  1. These are so cute Maggy, will try to make these with Isabelle.

  2. My pompom maker is on its way – we are totally making these are the weekend once it has arrived.. Love the tip re the wings … what a fab idea!!

    Thanks for the inspiration as always!!


  3. Holy cow, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! lol I can’t even take it. I must have them and hang them all over my house.

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