11 Easter Treats to Bake with Kids


We love all kinds of Easter Activities for Kids. Today, it is all about Easter Treats to bake with kids! Last year we decided to make some Easter Goodie Treat Bags for our family to post. as well as host ourselves a little Easter Tea Party! I know that Easter is already “full of chocolate”, but making these treats was super fun and made for a more varied day of treats (who can say no to some healthy -ish carrot muffins, right?).

Easter Treats to make for an Easter Tea Party

They also made fabulous Teacher’s Gifts.. and the teachers were particularly taken by the super duper easy Easter fudge me made!

11 Easter Treats – Baking Ideas for Kids

We have been making these simple short bread cookies for years! It is a super simple “no egg” recipe, that is taste safe to use with younger children. This year we turned them into adorable Chick Cookies, so very easy, as well as some bunny feet cookies. You could make a set of Rainbow Cookies too – I think they would look great as part of the Easter table as well!

easy easter cookies
Easy Easter Bonnet Cookies

Want some ADORABLE but “no bake” Easy Easter Cookies? Try these super cute and fun Easter Bonnet Cookies – combining store bought cookies with marshmallows to make this fun Easter Treat. Great for Easter Bake Sales or an Easter Party/ play date! So cute. So fun. So tasty!

We all love a tradtional Chocolate Nest! Nothing quite says “childhood” at Easter like a rice crispy nest. It is so easy to make and you can vary it in whatever way you want. Use rice crispies, cornflakes, all bran -whatever you wish. Then decorate with whatever treats you have to hand. Needless to say, we love a chocolate egg! But have also added peeps in the past and fondant bunnies made with leftover birthday cake fondant icing. We have also made green coconut “grass” before. An easter Chocoalte nest is something, that you will no doubt make again and again. They are also great for packed lunches!

Easter Fudge

This is our Easter Fudge that we made this year – it is the most ridiculously easy Fugde Recipe from my friend at Eats Amazing. Learn how to make this once and then change the “flavours” to suit different seasons all year round! It can also be made with white chocolate. Delicious. We made a batch.. and our teachers thought it so delicious, they asked for the recipe AND made it for their family last Easter! As an FYI – I know you aren’t supposed to change other people’s recipes, but I had slightly less chocolate available than the recipe asked for and it still worked brilliantly 🙂

Bunny Hug Cookies

Use your gingerbread man cookie cutter to make these ridiculously cute Bunny Hug Cookies. More info on Delish or Fun Loving Families (not sure who invented these first! So let’s share them both, right?!).

Easter treats
No Bake Marshmallow Slices

You had me at “no Bake” and at “Marshmallow”.. actually, you had me when I saw the photo… find out more from taste.

We made some super delicious Carrot Muffins and decorated them with Fondant Carrots. So simple and cute to make.

Alternatively, make your favourite cupcake or muffin recipe (we love this oh so basic victoria sponge recipe, aslo great for foraged berries and fruit) and decorate it with mini marshmallows to turn them into Spring Lambs or Easter Roosters!

Many moons ago, we had a fantastic guest post, sharing the best Royal Icing recipe and instructions! I confess, that royal icing isn’t quite my “bag” – I just don’t have the patience for it.. which is why we made the easy peasy chick cookies at the beginnig of this post!

Povitica from the BBC

I LOVE traditions from different countries. This we had a go at a Povitica Cake from Eastern Europe, I had read that this is a traditional Easter Cake made with a delicious walnut filling. I later found out that it may just be a more traditional Christmas cake? I don’t know, but I tell you one thing.. it is DELICIOUS and we gobbled it up and we will be making it at Easter again! We followed the BBCs recipe.

Easter kulich
Kulich cakes from Great Birtish Chefs

The year before, we made some Ukrainian Easter Kulich cakes. These are very similar to Panatone from Italy and super fun to make. I have some lovely Ukrainian neighbours and they told me all about this tradition – the idea it to make and bak and decorate these lovely individual cakes and then hand deliver them to your friend’s and family. Last year, we made some and shared them with our neighbours. This year, our neighbours made some for us on Orthodox Easter. So very lovely. Here is tasty Kulich recipe for you to try!

hot cross bun

Hot Cross Buns are of course a British MUST! Hot cross buns are a sweet bread with raisins. The only way to eat them, is toasted with lots of butter! Throughout Lent these are readily available at all supermarkets and bakeries – so to be honest, we just buy these! But if you don’t live in the UK or you have that Hot Cross Bun craving any other time of the year, have a go at Mary Berry’s BBC recipe! Delicous.

Easter Teacher’s Gifts

Easter Afternoon Tea

As mentioned, we originally decided to do all this baking and preparation, so we could send some Easter Goodie Bags to family that we couldn’t visit that Easter. We had our little paper Easter baskets from my Easy Paper Projects book, added some chocolate bunnies and small eggs, as well as our goodies.

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