Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament

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Ooh this time of year we simply ADORE making Christmas Ornaments. There is nothing quite like handmade Christmas Ornaments – whether it is a grown up crafting or kids. Homemade is best. Today, I would like to share this super cute Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament. It is NOT a yarn wrapped Christmas Tree, but one based on the traditional God’s Eye Craft! I hope you like it as much as we do!

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We love working with wool or yarn crafts at Christmas – there is something warm and tactile about wool, that make it the perfect craft material for the Christmas Season. Whether you are making pom poms for the Christmas Tree or simple Yarn Wrapped Stars that young kids can make.. do add Wool Christmas Crafts to your do list. You won’t need much wool or yarn to make some adrable things!

Ooh and whilst we are chatting… though I made these little Wool Christmas Trees as ORNAMENTS, you can make them much bigger (and with thicker wool) and use them as Yarn Christmas Tree decorations. The bigger ones may be a great craft for little ones to manage.. and I would think these would look great as Yarn Christmas Tree Wall Hangings too. Oh the possibilities!

Who are these Yarn Tree Ornaments for?

As with ALL our crafts for kids, I aim to make them as easy as possible. If your child has mastered the traditional god’s eye, they may well be ready for this Yarn Tree Ornament. The beginning is a little fiddly, but you can start them off. After that, it is just therapeutic Yarn Wrapping!

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Yarn Christmas Trees – Materials needed

  • Green yarn/ wool
  • Sticks from nature or craft sticks/ coffee stirrers
  • Felt or buttons for “baubles”
  • Something to cut the sticks down with (adults only please!)
  • Good PVA glue for the baubles (you can also use a hot glue gun if you wish)

How to make Yarn Christmas Tree based on God’s Eye Crafts

Now, if you know me, you know that I love making God’s Eyes – we have made them many times over the years (particularly love the Flower God’s Eye patterns, which would also look great in Christmas colours – the perfect addition to our Yarn Christmas Crafts). So, in our house, we find making God’s Eyes easy and therapeutic.


When I had the idea to make “Half a god’s eye” and see if it looks like a Christmas Tree.. it took me a while to figure out the “wrapping process”. It is slightly different to a traditional God’s Eye…. but I promise you, once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy too! And love the craft as much as I do!

On to the Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial!!

Prepare your Christmas Tree Sticks

You will need two sticks – they can be the same length and width. If you have a thinner one, use that to go horizontally across your tree.

Align the sticks – so you have a short part towards the bottom and a long one towards the top. The short bit will be your tree stump!

Tie your wool/ yarn around the middle.

How to wrap the yarn tree

yarn wrapping sticks

This is the bit where my video tutorial comes in extra handy.. but I will explain it here as well.

Begin by taking your yarn and wrapping it around the right branch, bring it “Over and behind”.

Bring it OVER the stem (middle twig), around the BACK and then down towards the left branch.

Bring it OVER the left branch, behind the back and again OVER the stem.

Carry on with the “Over and behind” pattern. The tree will begin to grow.

secure the wool around the stick

As an option.. ever 5-6 wraps, you can wrap it once around the branch too, to help keep the yarn in place. It isn’t strictly necessary, but I feel it keeps it a little neater.

Repeat until you are happy with your tree.

Securing the yarn

finishing the yarn trees

To secure it at the end, I again, wrapped it a few times around each end of the branches, bring the wool back into the centre each time.

Finally, wrap around the top of the stem and knot off. Keep a length of the wool for hanging.

Your basic tree is finished.

Trim the sticks of your Yarn Christmas Tree

Finally, trim the ends of your Christmas Tree for a neat finish!

IF (!) you wish, you can add a drop of glue to the back of the branch, to help keep things secure. Let dry fully.

Decorating the Yarn Christmas Tree

Personally, I love the look of a the plain Wool Christmas Tree Ornament! I ALSO love the look of adding baubles. AND I couldn’t decide between felt and buttons.. so I did all three!! Teehee.

I cut small circles from felt and glued them on.

Ditto, securing the buttons with glue too!

More Yarn Christmas Crafts coming soon!

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