30 Star Wars Crafts & Activities

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Now.. I don’t know about you, but both The Englishman and my son are HUGE STAR WARS fans.. I guess it is a generational thing (mainly the Englishman’s childhood) and him passing on his childhood passion to his son.

Personally, I enjoy the Star Wars films and the Star Wars characters, but I really don’t have to watch them all 10 times.. hahaha. Having said that, that doesn’t stop me on embarking on some Star Wars Crafts & Activities with the kids. BUT… the new generation now doubt will love our collection of Baby Yoda Crafts, right?

30 Fantastic Star Wars Crafts and Ideas. Simply brilliant.
Creating Star Wars DIYs for you since Dec 2014!!!

I suspect that Red Ted will want a Star Wars party next year, so this “round up” is a great start for me to plan his “big day”. Also, did you know that there was actually a STAR WARS DAY?! Yep.. May the 4th be with you. Teehee. You gotta love a pun on words. So if you are looking for May the 4th Day activities, are planning a Star Wars party or simply love Star Wars and anything to do with it, these crafts are for you. Many you can do with the kids, some you can do FOR the kids. And a number of these Star Wars crafts also make great gifts for Star Wars fans (I particularly like the Star Wars Ornaments as gift ideas!).

These are fabulously fun ideas for Moms, Dads and teachers… anyone can join in! So. May the crafty force be with you.. enjoy!

Star Wars Crafts and Recipes for May 4th and Beyond


Adorable R2-D2 Craft by Crafts by Amanda – love this R2-D2 Pencil Holder! I think the droids are my favorite Star Wars characters, they are always full of character and so fun!

Easy DIY Drath Vader Bookmark - a perfect little gift for Father's Day!
We love corner bookmark diys! Channel your dark side with this Darth Vader Bookmark Corner!

Easy Darth Vader Bookmark Corners! We loved making Darth Vader – but once I have shown you the basics, I challenge you to come up with your own Star Wars Characters. Who would you make? Chewbacca? A Wookie? Or more Droids.. or hang on, how about:

How to make a Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner

And for the lastest from Mandalorian.. how about a Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner? Who doesn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE Baby Yoda Crafts. There is no question that Baby Yoda stole our hearts in the Mandalorian! Who is yoru favorite character?

“Yoda Best…” perfect for Birthday’s, Father’s Days, Star Wars fans… Easy crafts are fun. I show you how to make this Star Wars pop up card from scratch OR you can make use of my free printable templates.

Or if you are feeling ambitiouis.. this Death Star Pinata is super fun to make and looks fantastic! I confess, this was a labour of love. And I think next time, I need a Star Wars Pinata DIY, I may hop over to our Paper Bag Pinatas and make a great big Chewbacca Wookie!


Ceck out this Chewbacca Star Wars Craft 

Star Wars Shape Craft Collage

Simple Star Wars Shape Card – great Star Wars Crafts for the littlest fans among us! This is a super craft preschoolers and kindergarteners.. you can never start too early!

star wars crafts for kids

Similarly some cute Star Wars Cards here


Star Wars Thumb Prints – great for gift wrapping

star wars crafts - jawa doll

Jawa Doll (light up!)

star wars crafts - ewok softie

Super cute Ewok Star Wars Softie

Star wars printables

Star Wars Printable

yoda egg decorating idea

Yoda Easter Egg

star wars lightsaber crafts

Lightsaber Pool Noodles. Such a fun idea! I know that this Star Wars Craft has been “all over Pinterest”, but I think it is simply genius and great fun. I think these pool noodle lightsabers are almost a “classic now” and a must make for any Star Wars party!

lightsaber crafts - light up balloons

Balloon Light Sabers(soooo fab!)

Star Wars Crafts (2)

Simple Death Star Pinata


Super Cute Star Wars Finger Puppet Set


Star Wars Peg Set (love this!)


Here is a FAB book review ALL about Star Wars Crafts. And as part of this they share this fabulous Chewbacca Sock Puppet!

r2d2 bin - star wars crafts

R2D2 Pedal Bin

star wars crafts

Love love love this R2D2 Cycle helmet. Genius!


TP Roll XTP Roll X-Wing– I know the photo isn’t amazing, but the craft is v clever and do-able! Best use of toilet paper rolls, for sure!

star wars office supplies craft

Bored at the office…?


Lego fans, will love this simple Star Wars Printable Tags.


A fabulously simple Milk Carton Storm Trooper from Living Locurto!

Star Wars Costume Ideas for Halloween or a Star Wars Party?

Star wars crafts - yoda

Let’s start of with an easy Kids Crafts – these Simple Yoda Ears will transform any preschooler or star wars fan instantly into a Yoda or Baby Yoda. Nice and quick too!

star wars crafts and costumes

X-Wing Fight Suits Printables. Simple and fun.

princess leia ear muffs

Princes Leia Ear Muffs! So funny!

star wars costumes crafts - milk carton storm trooper

GENIUS Milk Carton Storm Trooper! Too Clever!

Star Wars Crafts for Christmas?

As all Star Wars fans know.. Star Wars movies and Star Wars fun is NOT just for May 4th.. right? There is plenty of opportunity to get the craft glue out and get making at Christmas too. So how about some of these easy crafts…

For older kids or grown ups to make – LOVE these applique Star Wars Pictures!

star wars ornament crafts

LOVE these Star Wars Ornament ideas – no instructions really, but are you inspired?!

star wars christmas ornaments

Hama Bead Star Wars Ornaments

salt dough ornaments star wars

Star Wars Ornaments  You will need a set of these Star Wars Cutters (US Readers) or these cutters (UK Readers) – affiliate links

Working with paper is a great frugal fun way to get crafty

Star Wars Storm TrooperAnd FINALLY.. via Fun Crafts Kids these AMAZING Star Wars snowflakes!

Time for some Star Wars Treats perfect for any Birthday Party celebrations

Star wars party ideas

First off.. if you are having a party with lots of yummy Star Wars Treats, make these simple Lightsaber Napkins. You could even make the light saber holders from toilet paper rolls?


These Princess Leia Cupcakes are just brilliant and sooo do-able


Chewie Cookies


Death Star Watermelon! Wow! Does this count as Star Wars Crafts?! It sure does.. quite some skills went into carving this funky snack! Brilliant.


Star Wars Cake

That brings me to the end of this Star Wars Crafts collection. I hope you will channel your inner Jedi and May the 4th be with you! Go out and MAKE one of these fun star wars crafts today.

Finally.. if you are feeling the Star Wars vibes.. why not finish off your Star Wars crafting session with some fun Star Wars Jokes for kids? You will love them, I am sure!

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