DIY Axolotl Crafts


Those of you that have been following Red Ted Art for a while.. will know that we have a soft spot for those marvellous mexican amphibians – the Axolotls! They are super duper cool little animals (more info below) only found in Mexico! And we love nothing better than making a super duper cute kawaii axolotl craft! Yep… today, we share our collection of easy axolotl crafts for kids! Enjoy.

a collection of axolotl crafts for kids

Interestingly axolotls have in particularly taken the crochet community by storm! There are a lot of axolotl crochet patterns out there (in fact, we also have our very own crochet axolotl pet to make), however, there are significantly less paper axolotl craft or axolotl crafts for kids in general. So we have set out to change that and create some super duper CUTE but also easy axolotl crafts using a variety or resources and materials.

So. Grab your scissors and glue sticks, unleash your creativity and let’s have a go at some of these wonderful axolotl crafts for kids of all ages!

What are axolotls?

The axolotl, is part of the salamander family. Axolotls are unusual among amphibians in that they reach adulthood without undergoing metamorphosis. Instead of taking to the land, adults remain aquatic and gilled. SOURCE They have a unique characteristics, in that they can regrow limbs, if they have lost one. They are very rare and are only found in a certain parts of Mexico. You can find our more fantastic facts about these amazing amphibians here!

I think with the advent of minecraft adding the minecraft axolotl… axolotls have become more mainstream! Which is fabulous, as they are such amazing creatures. No time like te present to make sure, we finally have a cute paper axolotl craft to celebrate! (We do have Minecraft bookmarks here focusing on creeper and the minecraft pig! I haven’t yet made a minecraft axolotl bookmark specifically. Watch this space!).

Axolotl Crafts for Kids of all ages

Most cute axolotl crafts follow a simple formula – you need a white axolotl face, some axolotl gills or ferns and an axolotl tail. Armed with these key features, there are a variety of cute and easy axolotl crafts for kids to make. Here are some super duper cute ideas with links to the full step by step instructions!

easy axolotl craft - valentines card

Easy 3d Axolotl Cards to make for Valentines or a Loved one

First up, a cute axolotl paper craft – the 3d Heart Axolotl Valentines Card! These axolotl cards really maximise those basic axolotl shapes. They even come with some free axolotl templates, though you can probably create your own drawings/ shapes to work with. This a great classroom activity at Valentine’s Day!

axolotl crafts

Toilet Roll Axolotl Craft for Preschool

Well we do love a Toilet Paper Roll Craft.. so fo course had to make a toilet roll axolotl too! Again, this was a super duper easy craft. You really only have to cut some simple paper gills to add to your toilet roll. However, we did also have fun cutting out some axolotl pun relevant details – a book for the Read Alotl, some hearts for the Love U Alotl.. and a taco for the Snack Alotl. So fun! No templates needed for this easy axolotl diy. All our toilet roll crafts are create for “beginner” crafters. Simple and easy but oh so cute!

Axolotl Bookmark Corner

Similarly to the toilet rolls.. we love all things corner bookmarks.. so course also had to include this super simple Axolotle Bookmark Corner! Perfect for bookworms, but could of course also be given as a small valentine’s day gift! Just add your “I love you alotl” pun and off you go!

Potato Print Axolotl Cards

We had lots of fun with some potato print axolotl Cards. There are so many great puns you can write for all Axolotl Card Making occasions!

axolotl pom-pom

Pom Pom Axolotl Ornament Craft

Adorable and super easy Pom Pom Axolotl Ornament! SO CUTE!!

Free Axolotl Crochet Pattern

That is right, we have free axolotl crochet pattern – so no purchases necessary for Red Ted Art readers! This is a pattern by Craft Alotl, who has the pattern for sale in her shop. However, it is freely available to YOU my lovely Red Ted Art reader! This is a super versatile and FREE Axolotl Crochet Pattern – as you can use any yarn to make it with. Either make it in a mini axolotl squishy format (add a little rice to the bottom of the crochet toy) or inl arge as a DIY axolotl plushie or even doorstop!

Fun Axolotl Coloring Pages

Checkout these adorable free Axolotl Coloring Pages are fun and can be turned into cute pun-tastic greeting cards (instead of printing to full page, print on a half page and stick to some light card stock!). We love them a lotl!

3d axolotl template
3d Paper Axolotl Template

3d Axolotl Paper Toy Cube

Here is a fun one I spotted on the Repticon Facebook page! Print, cut and assemble. So cute!

perler bead axolotl bucket

Minecraft Axolotl Bucket Pink

There are lots of fab axolotl perler bead patterns out there. You just need to do a quick google search on the “axolotl perler beads” and bobs your uncle. I just thought I would highlight this axolotl bucket for Minecraft axolotl fans! Visit Kandi Patterns for info.

free axolotl crochet

More axolotl crochet patterns

Loops Love and Crochet has some more cute axolotl crochet patterns for you to check out! I love the color scheme of the blue and pink axolotl diys! So cute.

axolotl costume

DIY Axolotl Costume for Halloween

Kerry Creates has an AMAZING DIY Axolotl Costume. All minecraft axolotl lovers take note and check this one out!

Fear not! We will be adding more cute Axolotl Crafts over time!! Especially more easy paper axolotl crafts. But this is really to whet your appetite!! ENJOY!

paper axolotl crafts with templates