Paper Baby Yoda Corner Bookmark Design

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Can you ever have too many Paper Corner Bookmarks?! Well, I would say NO! We love to read.. and we always need a new Bookmark too! We often pop them into our Little Free Library. So always have space for more, especially when it involves Star Wars Crafts or more specifically, Baby Yoda DIY Ideas! These would be fabulous for any Star Wars Birthday Party or of course May 4th too! May the 4th be with you after all!

Time to make the rather cute Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian series. This Baby Yoda Corner Bookmark design is easy to make and the kids will love it.

How to make a Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner

This is part of our collection of Star Wars Crafts. And if this little Baby Yoda has whet your appetite and you want more Star Wars DIYs (especially for some May 4th celebrations), we have plenty more great ideas for you, including Death Star pinatas, Chewbacca puppets and pool noodle light sabers.. as well as plenty of snacks and treats to sort any Star Wars party out! Star Wars Fans rejoice!

Who is Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda, is also known as “The Child” and features in Disney’s hit series the Mandalorian. Find out more here.

To make a Paper Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner you will need:

  • Grey Paper 15 x 15cm (approx)
  • Green paper – any green will do! It doesn’t matter if you cannot exactly match the skin tone of Baby Yoda!
  • Brown/ beige paper – brown packing paper will do too!
  • Black pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A tin or glass for tracing
How to make a Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner

How to make a Baby Yoda Corner Bookmark (The Child from the Mandalorian)

As always, begin with our classic Origami Bookmark Corner. You can either watch the video above, or hop over and see our step by step Origami Bookmark photo instructions!

How to decorate a corner bookmark and turn it into a Baby Yoda Bookmark Design!

Watch our video or follow the step by step instructions!

Begin by shaping your Corner Bookmark into Baby Yoda’s pram

Shaping the bookmark for Baby Yoda’s pram

Once you have your basic Origami Bookmark Corner, you need to ROUGHLY shape it into a circle. We do this by tracing a tin can. Make sure the edges of the tin can or glass PEEP OVER the edge of the bookmark – this will avoid it falling appart (see image top right).

Once you have shaped your bookmark, flip it and with a pen add the details of Baby Yoda’s pram (is it even called a pram?!).

Now to cut your Baby Yoda’s features

How to turn a Corner Bookmark into a Baby Yoda!
Baby Yoda only needs some simple shapes

You will need

  • one oval for the head,
  • two tear drops for the ears – but with flat edges,
  • part of Baby Yoda’s cloak and
  • some circles for Baby Yoda’s hands.

With a black pen add some features to Baby Yoda’s face – you will need two big eyes (a bit like sideways tear drops), a nose, a mouth and part of the ears (see bottom left image).

Glue your ears, head and top of the coat together.

Then glue into Baby Yoda’s pram. Finally, add Baby Yoda’s hands and your Baby Yoda Corner Bookmark is finished! Wasn’t that easy?! Enjoy!!!

Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner Design

I think this little Paper Yoda craft would make a great gift for all Star Wars enthusiast! Whether Dads, Moms, teachers or best friends!

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