3d Bird House Craft Printable

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With the promise of spring and summer in the air, why not celebrate our feathery friends with a rather adorable 3d Bird House Printable Craft!! We love making 3d paper projects. They are so fun to colour in, cut out and assemble.. and now we have this lovely little bird house craft for you to give a go!

3d bird house craft

3d Bird House Craft – Extension Ideas

Here we have the lovely Central Park sharing their finished makes:

3d bird house craft

Supplies needed for your 3d Bird House Craft

  • The set of printables
  • Light cardstock is ideal, but printer paper works too. If you have less time, you can print these straight onto colored card
  • Marker pens/ crayons/ pencils
  • Child friendly scissors
  • A good quality glue stick

This printable comprises 6 pages – 5 bird houses (including a plain for just for you to design as you wish) and 1 printable bird sheet (both full color and coloring pages birds). As always, these are available for a small fee in my Teacher Pay Teacher’s and Gumroad stores BUT, I have also made a single freebie (including one bird) available, to enable you ALL to take part – simply enter $0 at check out here!! You can get them here:

full set of printables

How to assemble your bird houses!

Bird House Printable craft

It is very simple to use these 3d Bird House Printables! My reader Lisa W made these with her Saturday school group of 5-8 year olds – who loved making the birdhouses. The older children could do it independently while the younger get ones needed some help folding.

spend time coloring

Take you time coloring in the bird house of your choice (or print onto colored card, if you need to save a little time). You can also experiment with crayons and water colors and a combination of the two!

cut the shapes

Cut out the paper bird houses.

start folding

Carefully fold along the dotted lines.

Add some glue to the tabs and stick together.

finished paper bird house

Finally color in your paper bird, also cut out and add to your bird house.

3d Bird house craft from paper


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bird house coloring pages