Easy DIY Pumpkin Box for Treats

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Learn how to make an easy pumpkin box for treats this Halloween. If you love to host a Halloween party with party favours and small gifts, or like to Boo Your Neighbour.. then these cute little 3d Pumpkins are just the thing for you! Even better – you can fill them with your favourite treat!

Pumpkin Box for Treats
These 3d Jack O’Lanterns are made from recycled card

DISCLAIMER: I created these ADORABLE Pumpkin Box for SMARTIES over on instagram.. and I thought they were SO CUTE, that I simply HAD to share them with you here too! So this technically makes this a sponsored post.. right?

We made a set of 3 for Smarties.. and fell in love with them. So I made some more for the kids’ Halloween Movie nights that they will be hosting later in the year. We like to make up Halloween Goodie Bags for our guests and these little Pumpkin Treat Boxes will be the perfect ddition to them!

The best bit? They cost pennies to make, as we you can make them from recycled card – in our course the SMARTIES boxes themselves – but you can also use a strips of cereal boxes painted and cut up, or use some orange card stock too. See below for more info!

3d Pumpkin Garland or Pumpkin Ornaments

As an aside: you don’t HAVE to use these cute pumpkins as Halloween gifts/ favour boxes, you can also use them as cute recycled Halloween decorations – make a bunch and string them up as a pumpkin garland (adorable!!) or hang them from a decorative Halloween tree as little 3d Pumpkin Ornaments!

Mini Pumpkin Box for Halloween Party Favours – supplies

Per pumpkin –

  • one smarties box*
  • orange paint
  • a little green paper
  • 2 split pins
  • pink and black paper scraps for face
  • a square of tissue paper
  • scissors, brush, glue stick

*needless to say you can make this using any type of light card stock. In fact, you can use orange card stock and skip the step of painting your card orange. We did LOVE using the smarties boxes though, as when you opened them up carefully, you had 7 panels to cut in to strips for the paper bauble – PERFECT! So easy. And no nead to get a ruler out and measure things! But as mentioned, no purchases necessary, you really can make this with any card! It is just a question of personal preferences and materials you have to hand! If you are using these 3d pumpkins as decorations/ halloween ornaments, you can also make them from just paper!

How to make a 3d Pumpkin Box for Treats

As per usual, we have a tutorial video on autoplay for you too! So either watch the quick and easy video how to, or follow the step by step instructions shared next!

Begin by preparing your card. I would definitely use light card stock of some sort for this craft – as paper can be a little floppy and the pumpkin may not keep it’s shape once filled with Halloween snacks or treats. If you are making these 3d Pumpkins as a garland or ornaments, then paper should be fine!

So, we carefully opened up the panels from our SMARTIES box. The box officially has 6 sides, but there are in fact 7, if you undo the sealed edge carefully. 7 makes a great number for this 3d Jack O’Lantern! So do try and use all 7 panels. If they rip a little. You can still use them.

Paint your light card orange. To make this “time efficient”, paint several smartie boxes in one go.

Let them all dry fully!

Trim off the rough edges of the box.

Then using the “natural” panel lines of the Smartie box – cut your card into the 7 available strips.

Make a little pumpkin stem. Cut a long thing triangle. Then with scissors, make it curl!

Use a hole punch to hole punch both ends of your orange cardboard strips, as well as your green pumpkin stem. If making these from paper, you can use a glue stick instead of the hole punch and split pins! The glue stick doesn’t work so well for card!

Using your split pin, start connecting your 7 orange strips – with the orange facing outwards, and the “colourful” part of your box on the inside.

You should have a pretty star!

Take another split pin..

..insert the green paper stem and then fold up each of the strips and connect with the green paper stem.

When you have gone all the way round and all the strips are now connect at the other end, secure the split pin.

The basic 3d pumpkin shape made from recycled materials is now finished!

You can leave it plain – if using these 3d Pumpkins say for Thanksgiving! Or you can cut out some adorable kawaii pumpkin faces from pink and black paper.

Glue the face onto your pumpkin. I basically stuck them to 3 adjoining strips.

Ta-daaaa the basic 3d pumpkin is finished! This can be use “as is”, as a little Halloween decoration.. or.. you can fill them with Halloween Treats and snacks:

Use a small square of orange tissue paper.

Fill the centre with your chosen treat (in our case Smarties.. well why not! We still had lots from our project!).

Scrunch up the orange tissue paper to “secure” the small gift.

More two the strips aside and pop inside your pumpkin. Then readjust the strips!

Finished! You have yourself a ridiculously cute pumpking treat box!!! What a great way to hand out party favours, right?! I can’t wait to add this to our Halloween Goodie Bag!

As mentioned, we will be using these for our kids Halloween Movie Night – the Movie Night for us is a slightly “easier” version of hosting a Halloween Party – we can keep things a little simpler, whilst still inviting friends over and treating them to some Halloween fun! As mentioned our Halloween Goodie Bags, are very much based on the Boo Your Neighbours concept, so do check that out too!

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