DIY Stone Ring – Kawaii Strawberry Ring DIY

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We love crafting with stones and it has been a while since  made a rock DIY. We particularly love collecting rocks and stones when on holiday and then coming home and creating some sort of holiday rock craft with them. Nothing like a colourful nature craft for kids. Today, I Will show you how to make a DIY Stone Ring or DIY ROCK Ring…!

DIY Stone Ring - Kawaii Strawberry Ring DIY - Love a good ROCK DIY? Check out these super duper cute rock rings. They are a perfect summer keepsake as well as summer accessory. So fun. And we made our own "ring base" too, so you don't need to go out and buy fancy stuff!
First shared in July 2017

So if you are away this summer.. especially at the beach, keep an eye out for lovely shaped rocks and stones. Last summer, I collected a whole bunch of sea glass (and made some cute Sea Glass Christmas ornaments (super easy)) but we also collect a bunch of small flat stones. They are gorgeous shape and texture to them and were easy to transport home. I thought they would be perfect for a DIY Stone Ring – in fact.. a perfect Kawaii Strawberry Ring DIY. We have been going strawberry mad recently (check out Strawberry Plushie keepsake toy made from old school jumpers) and these rock rings are the perfect summer accessory. We made our own “homemade ring clasps”, which I love, as not everyone has store board rings and specialist glue AND the same technique also works brilliantly for Stone Pendants which I did last summer. So.

Enough waffle, lets see how to make this love rock rings DIY!

DIY Stone Ring – Materials

  •  a nice small and flat stone
  • I used gorgeous pens (which you can get here – US/ UK – they are an investment, but they are brilliant and super versatile). You can however also use acyrlic paints and enamels, like we used for the Rock Pendants.
  • Some craft wire
  • A little felt
  • Strong PVA Glue (white glue)

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How to make your rock ring 

To be perfectly honest, I found the hardest thing deciding how to paint stones. How should I decorate it? What should I draw? It is VERY dependent on the paints and materials you use – e.g. if you are using acrylics, you may want a simpler pattern that is easier to draw with a paint brush, if you are using the pens that we are (see here US/ UK) you can draw almost anything. Nail varnish also makes for a great rock decorating material.

Once you have decided how to paint rocks and what design to do, it really is up to you!

I decided to turn our DIY Stone Ring into a darling little Kawaii Strawberry Ring (I love “kawaii” so cute!).

First Added the Strawberry’s green leaves.

Next I coloured in the strawberry red and let both colours dry fully.

Once the paint was dry, I added a black outline to the green leaves, as well as adding some yellow seeds and  the cute black kawaii face.

Finally, add a little white “glint” of the eye and some rosy cheeks.

Once my stone was painted it was time to make my homemade ring clasp. As with our Stone Pendants, I decided to make this from felt and craft wire.

Wrap the wire 2-3 times around your finger. I needs to fit comfortably. Snip and tuck the wire ends in.

Cut and oval shape of felt.

Glue the felt and the wire onto the stone and let dry fully.

Your DIY Stone Ring is complete!!

Enjoy having sun with your summer stone finds! And of course we have LOTS more Nature Crafts for Kids here –