Diya – Kids Diwali Candle Holder

Another week another Diwali Craft in preparation of Diwali celebrations coming up. Today, make a lovely Diya  craft with the kids. Turn traditional Indian glass bangles into a stunning Kids’ Diwali Candle Holder Craft!! Just so pretty!! And super duper easy to make.

Diwali Candle Holder for kids. Make your own DIYA with kids this Diwali. Gorgeous Diwali Light Activity #Diwali #DIYA #kids
First published in October 2018

Diwali Candle Holder

Diwali Candle Holder for Kids – Materials

  • Transparent glass bangles
  • Craft board
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Clear adhesive glue
  • Beads
  • Candle

How to make your DIYA for Kids with Old Bangles

Watch the simple DIYA video on autoplay or follow the step by step instructions!

Diwali Candle Holder for kids. Make your own DIYA with kids this Diwali. Gorgeous Diwali Light Activity #Diwali #DIYA #kids

Step 1: Select our Bangles and trace a circle

Select transparent glass bangles for this project. The selected bangles should be of the same size for each candle holder. Take a piece of craft board and place a bangle on it. Use pencil to trace the inner circle of the bangle.

Step 2: Cut your circle

Use x-acto knife to cut out the traced circle from the craft board.

Step 3: Glue card to the bangle

Place the cut out circle inside the bangle (the one used for tracing the circle) and apply clear adhesive glue around the side to join the board cut out with the bangle.

Step 4: Start layering your bangles to create your candle holder

Now start adding more bangles, one on the top of the other one to create the height of the candle holder. Use clear adhesive glue to join the bangles.

Step 5: Your Diwali candle holder is almost finished

Keep adding bangles until reaching the required height for the candle holder. Mix and match different colored bangles.

Step 6: Add final decorations to your Diwali Candle holder

To decorate the candle holder add beads to the top open end. Add more decorative items if you want to.

Now place a candle inside the holder and light up the candle!

Enjoy! You have now completed our bangle based Diwali Candle Holder! Isn’t it pretty?!

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