Easter Bonnet Idea for Boys – Solar System


Do you have an Easter Bonnet decorating competition coming up.. and are looknig for a great Easter Bonnet Idea for Boys and girls? Tired of the “classic” football Easter Bonnets or dinosaur bonnet ideas that boys usually go for and want something different? Something cool and fun and clever?

We adore joining in with Easter competitions.. and we love to make our entries pun-tastic!! And with that we have this wonderful Solar System Easter Bonnet Ideas for boys and girls, shared with us by a fellow instagram friend, Kathryn! I was so excited to see it, as it reminded me of our Solar System Eggs.. and of course it also features some adorable Egg Carton bunnies.

Solar System Easter Egg Bonnet - with Space Puns and Egg Carton Bunny
Solar System Easter Bonnet Hat

Many of you know that we absolutely adore joining in with the School Egg Decorating competition (and we may have had another winning entry this year.. woohoo!!). One thing our school does NOT take part in, is the Easter Bonnet Decorating competition. Many moons ago, we did make a fabulously inexpensive and fun Newspaper Bonnet, at the time my kids where little and we made them just for fun! So I am so pleased that Kathryn was keen to share their make with you today!!

Solar System Easter Bonnet Idea – materials needed

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  • An inexpensive Easter Bonnet decorating hat (or if in the UK – try these)! If you can’t get hold of one of these, I think a black version of our newspaper bonnets would be fantastic too!
  • Cardboard
  • Pastels, paints or crayons
  • Egg Cartons (for the darling Egg Carton bunny)
  • Plastic cups (optional, but so fun)
  • Glue

How to make an Easter Bonnet for Boys & Girls

So now it is time to hand over to Kathryn and her easy Egg Bonnet making process. This makes for a fabulous “together” project and is a wonderful way to egg-xplore the solar system!

Steps for making a Space Easter Bonnet, including egg carton bunny
  1. We started our Bonnet by cutting out 8 cardboard eggs for each of the planets in our solar system and 1 larger egg for the Sun.  Then using oil pastels we coloured In our eggy planets.
  2. Next we got to work on our Red Ted Art egg carton Bunnies, I didn’t have grey Pom poms on hand so we used felt balls from our loose parts box for their tails
  3. Every space exploring bunny needs a space helmet so we used small plastic shot glasses and fixed them with a dab of hot glue at the ears and back
  4. We love a good Easter Pun so decided to give the Bunnies their own Easter Egg-spress Rocket. We drew a rocket on cardboard and cut it out with a sharp Stanley knife (box cutter), making sure to include a tab to fold over for the base to make it more stable. Franklin coloured it after deciding on a rainbow rocket!
Easter Egg shaped Cardboard Earth and boy
Recycled Easter Bonnet Hat details
  1. To put it all together we painted an old hat we had lying around black and once dry used a hot glue gun to attach the planets around the edge. The rocket we put up top along with one of the bunnies.
  2. Lastly I used some cardboard scraps to write the planet names under each one and hot glued them in place
  3. And to finish it off we made a little sign which reads “One Giant Hop For Bunny Kind”.  Using a toothpick for the handle I pushed it through the core of the cardboard and poked the bottom straight into the top of hat. No glue required for this one as it was a nice snug fit
Two sides of the Space themed Easter Bonnet Idea for boys

Isn’t it this simply the best DIY Easter Bonnet Hat!? If your kids love space… tehy will adore this Easter Bonnet Make. It is easy and fun and a great way to learn about the Solar System too!

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