Easy Handmade Easter Cards for Kids of all Ages

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And ecclectic mix of Easy Handmade Easter Cards for kids. From Easy Pop Up Cards to print making, to using Easter coloring pages. Hope you add this to your Easter Resources today!

Handmade Easter Cards for Kids
This pop up Easter card DIYs are super cute and easy and a great way to wish someone a Happy Easter!

This pop up Easter card DIYs are super cute and easy and a great way to wish someone a Happy Easter! We have a number of adorable cards for you to try out today!

From cute Pop Up Easter Card Ideas, to simple cards for toddlers and small hands! Lots of fun and choice! A fun way to send seasonal greetings!

So grab your glue stick, scissors and markers and see what DIY ideas we have for you today!

Fun, Cute & Easy Easter Cards for Kids

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards

Probably one of my favourite Handmade Easter Cards of all time – the pop up Chick Cards. I don’t know what it is about these pop up cards.. but I love them. Maybe it is because they are so simple to make and yet so cute! This (as many of our cards do) comes with a super handy video tutorial as well! The cards are so simple, you won’t need a template to make these! You can add extra details such as Easter eggs hidden in the grass or a little Easter bunny in the background! You will need some cardstock and a little construction paper to make these. Simple! We have some iconic Peeps bunnies with templates in a similar style that you could adapt for cardmaking if you wish!

your easy Pop Up card
One of my favourite Easter Bunny Cards! Love that little heart nose.

Using the same technique as for our Pop Up Chick cards, you can also have a go at this cutest Handmade Easter Egg & Bunny Rabbit Card! The 3d Easter Eggs are so fun and easy to make and the additional bunny rabbit features are just too cute! Printable template available.

From Coloring Pages to easy Pop Up Easter Card
You can make greeting cards from coloring sheets with this easy technique!

One for teens. These pop up Easter Cards can be made with any Easter Coloring Pages.. but you can also make use of our FREE coloring pages too! I love the detail on this Easter bunny coloring page. SOm elovely Zen time and a super gorgeous card to send someone afterwards. Write your Happy Easter message, pop in an evelope and put a smile on someone’s face! Such a lovely Easter Pop Up card you can make from ANY of your favourite coloring pages.

fun pop up bunny
Pop-Up Peeps Bunnies are simply the cutest!

Iconic Peeps Bunnies Pop Up Easter Cards – paper chain pop up cards are so easy to make. Here we took inspiration from the oh so popular peeps bunnies. They are simple shape and it is easy to create your own bunny templates. Though worksheets and printables are available for easy of use in the classroom or larger groups!

easter pop up bunny card
Such a happy floppy eared bunny card!

Large pop up bunny card! Another cute and happy card – we love this “W” technique for making pop up cards and it is perfect for this fabulous Easter Bunny Pop Up. This is a larger card than some of the above so is great for kids giving pop up card making a go for the first time. Templates and worksheets available!

finisged pop up egg card
Simple handmade Easter Card Ideas continue with this one page fold & cut printable!

We also have these super simple one page Egg Pop Up Cards – no glue needed! This one really is keeping it simple. Take one sheet of paper, print out template. Fold, cut and color with markers, crayons or watercolors.. and your card is ready to go! The “egg template” can easily be deocrated as Easter eggs, Easter chicks or even a cute little Easter bunny! Then add your personalized message and send to a loved one!

Easter Chick Weaving

Super cute and simple Easter Cards for kids – make use of our Printable Chick & Egg Paper Weaving Card (this comes in different sizes for different age groups!). We do like printables with easy instructions and I think you will love this weaving project too. Especially as it is great for fine motor skills and pattern recognition amongst our toddlers and preschoolers!

Hoppy Easter Card - Origami Bunny
Such a Happy Easter card indeed!

We love Origami and we love a good Bunny Pun. Why not combine the two and make these easy Origami Bunny Easter Cards?!

Bunny Basket Card
You could even pop on a cute pom-pom nose to this design.

If you liked the Chick Easter Egg Cards, we also have these adorable Bunny in a Basket Cards for you to make. Love the Paper Weaving element, perfect “basket weaving” for kids!

Easy Easter Cards for Preschoolers

Sponge print bunny art

Sponge Print Bunnies – this is a great Art Project for Easter, that could also be used as adorable Handmade Easter Cards. Love the recycled elements too.

triangle chickens
Love the cute little hatching chick in this trio!

Based on “triangles”, these “triangle chicken cards“, also give you an opportunity to draw, colour and doodle the eggs. Simple shapes, with adorable results. The kids will love to make these!

Easter Lacing Cards

How about improving fine motor skills? Have a go at these Easter Lacing Cards. Make them as “colour your own” or use these ready colour ones..

toddler easter cards
Super simple Easter chick cards using your fingerprints.

These finger print chick cards are OH SO QUICK to make AND can also be made as Easter Bookmarks. So cute and easy, perfect for ALL age groups.

Simple pop up
Cute Easter greeting card for young kids to make!

We have loved POP UP CARDS for a LOOOOONG time. Many many moons ago, when Red Ted was still a toddler, we painted these easy Chick Pop Up Cards together. So cute! This really is a simple pop up chick card and a real “throw back” to back to basic pop up cards for kids. So cute and fun for sure!

easy cotton wool bunny cards
Toddlers and preschoolers will love this simple Easter Bunny Card! A fun way to create some cheer!

Cutest of cute.. these Cotton Wool Pad Bunnies are tactile and fun to make.. especially if you get to eat a little chocolate egg too. You can really add any decoration you want (even use markers on tin foil to draw your own eggs if you prefer). Then add a strip of Easter grass at the bottom of the card and done. Now you have finished your card, your little one can practice writing their name or some kisses on the inside of the card. Pop it in an enbelope and send it to granny or an auntie!

And finally…

Easy origami chick envelope

Learn how to make a Letter Envelope. Write your letter.. then fold it into this adorable Origami Chick Envelope!

Many more Easter Crafts for Kids here!

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