3d Birthday Cake Card

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It has been a while since we made our original Pop Up Birthday Cake Card – it continues to be one of my favourite birthday pop ups, with a fun mechanism that allows the cake to pop up. Today, I decided to create a new version of the 3d Birthday Cake Card – one that combines my love for cute Kawaii animals AND pop ups! Our 3d Bear Cake Card or the second version of the 3d Dog and Birthday Gift Card. They are really the same craft – just decorate slightly differently!

This lovely duo of 3d Birthday Gift Cards are available on the FREE Workshop Week!!! Come make these Pop-up Cards with us today!

Make 3d Birthday Cards that pop up

Workshop Week is an amazig FREE week of creative tutorials – where a number of us crafty so and so have come together to create an amazing PROGRAM of arts and crafts projects. It is free to join for the week and the courses on offer are for all ages groups – the main focus is teens and grown ups, with a subset specifically designed for kids.

Do join us and the team today for a week of FREE tutorials! (Scroll down for the templates)

To make this 3d Birthday Cake Card/ 3d Birthday Gift Card – you will need

Supplies needed for a pop up gift card
  • Some card stock for the card itself (we used A5 to fold into an A6 card)
  • Paper scraps in a variety of colors – you could JUST use printer paper and color it in using marker pens if you don’t have access to lots of colored paper!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: whole punch for confetti

As with many of my crafts, you do NOT NEED a template, but I have created a template for those of you that wish to use one!

This template is available for free during the duration of the Workshop Week! So be sure to sign up for it ASAP!

You will need to sign up for the FREE instructions. You will see how easy pop up cards are to make!

Workshop week shows you how to make the basic Pop Up Cards + provides you a template for the Bear Pop Up Cake Card. But here is are the examples of how quickly and easily you can vary these cards to make lots of different animal pop-up cards for Birthdays and other celebrations:

First up – see how easy the panda bear and bunny cards are? With the bunny, you will need to fold the ears and position the bunny a little lower down to accomodate the ears!

And here some cute dog birthday cards – I LOVE the Pug Pop-Up Card, but the generic emoji Puppy Birthday Card is adorable too! As you can see in the illustration, simply switch out the colors for the body, hand and feet as required!

Here are some fun animal puns you may wish to include as greetings:

Once you have made your fun cards.. it is time to add your messages either to the inside of the card or the outside! I love write paper speech bubbles and adding them to either location.

Birthday Bear Puns:

  • I love you bear-y much
  • Have a bear-y good day
  • Happy BEAR-thday

Birthday Dog Puns:

  • Have a PAW-some birthday
  • Happy BARK-Day
  • It’s PAW-ty time
  • Hot diggity dog, it’s your birthday!

Birthday Cat Puns:

  • Have a PURRRR-fect Birthday
  • Have a Paw-some Birthday
  • Have a MEOW-some Birthday
  • Have a CLAW-some Day

Birthday Bunny Puns:

  • Have a HOPPY Birthday
  • No-Bunny Compares to you
  • Not another grey hare (make a grey bunny!)
  • Some-Bunny Told me it’s your birthday

Hope you have fun making these pop-up Greeting Cards for loved ones on their birthday! So fun! Though we made these as birthday cards, you can of course use them for other occasions, such as Valentines cards or Christmas Cards too. Simply adjust the colour schemes to the different holidays and add different confetti or sticker designs. E.g. hearts for Valentine’s and snowflakes for Christmas!

As you know, we have many many many more Pop-Up Birthday Cards here on Red Ted Art. Just to highlight some of our favourite.

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