Easy April Fool’s Ideas to Prank Your Kids

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If you are looking for some quick and easy April Fool’s Ideas to prank your kids (and maybe your partner!!) read on!! The majority of this fab list, is relatively quick and easy to organise – and can be done “on the day too”. So if you are a bit “last minute” fear not.. we have some ideas you can do!! But also some more elaborate ideas that take some time!

Nice April Fools Pranks for Families

prank ideas
April fools day card design, vector illustration. Pranking kids since April 2021

The majority of the ideas shared today, are relatively simple, are meant to be “fun” and not “too” mean and also not bad of the environment (I confess, not to be a fan of cling film/ Saran wrap pranks as they are quite plastic wasteful.. sorry!! Ba humbug to me!).

There is lots of fun to be had though and many ideas don’t need any prep at all! I have group the April Fool’s pranks by “time needed”.. ie if you are reading this today, on the 1st April, there are still pleny of jokes and pranks you can play on your friends and kids. If you are reading this with a few days to go and therefore have some prep time.. there are some great ideas for you to explore too!

So weather you are a last minute April Fool’s pranker or a seasoned joker.. here are some great ideas for you!

Last Minute April Fool’s Jokes for on the day

April Fool's Breakfast
A take on Egg & Chips… Egg Waffles from my Facebook Reader Here. It is easy: Waffles, a tinned peach and some yoghurt or cream/ cream cheese and done!
  1. Put a leek with a face drawn on (vegetable) under the sink – and say “there is a leak under the sink” (and internet classic!!!). 
  2. Similarly, put a chip (as in potato fry for UK peeps or a potatoe chip for my US readers) on the windscreen window and run in saying “oh my, there a big chips on your car window”…. 
  3. Put googley eyes on EVERYTHING in the fridge
  4. (For younger kids) fill an envelope full of cheerios to “plant”, they will grow into donuts
  5. Make Jelly / jello in a cup (add a paper straw for effect)  and say it is squash/ a drink
  6. Print out an impossible “maze” or a “word search with no words” to find (there are some on the Twinkle website
  7. Unplug the TV or remove (or turn) the batteries from the remote control – don’t say anything, let them find out themselves that it is “broken”
  8. Cover the (computer) mouse light with a sticker so it doesn’t work
  9. Take a screen shot of the computer back drop and set it as a back drop itself – so when you click on the icons they don’t work (as they are an image)
  10. Simlarly, set the iPad screen background to a smashed screen image (get a smashed screen image from a google search)
  11. Simple: put a little water on the chair
  12. Make “Egg & Chips” for tea – apple cut into chip chunks, yohurt/ cream and a dinner peach for the egg (see above image! Also works as “Eggs on Waffles” for breakfast).
  13. “School is on today” or similar/ Wake them up in a hurry on a Saturday and tell them they are late for school. Have them rush to get ready/ tonight – after they have gone to bed, reset all the clocks to 6:30am… wake them up at 10pm and pretend it is the morning and get them ready for the day
  14. Print out your face and put it under every toilet seat
  15. Dye the milk green. Or dye the milk blue and said the cows ate blue grass.
  16. Similarly, put food colouring in their breakfast bowls and cover with cereal. When they pour the milk it will change colour!
  17. Tell your child there is a spider in the hair/ on their uniform
  18. The toilet is smoking prank see more here
  19. Draw a spider on the 3rd or 4th sheet of toilet paper and roll it back up
  20. Move the car/ motorbike/ bicycle to a different spot from where it is usually parked up/ locked up. Don’t say anything but when they can’t find it ask if the got stolen?!
  21. Loof Lipra Hoaxes. There are many ideas here… but the simplest: Go looking for the highly rare Loof lirpa bird. Hold out a marshmallow and shout Loof lirpa, come get your marshmallow. When nothing comes they’ve to call out the name backwards.

Prank Ideas to prep “the night before”/ first thing in the morning

  • Cover the kids’ bedroom floor with LEGO (oh yes, it is pay back time!)
  • Make up some breakfast cereal and let it freeze in the freezer first
  • Wake up early and tell the kids it has snowed
  • Cut out some “Brown Es” and say we are having Brownies for breakfast
  • Safety pin socks together
  • Move (younger) kids from their beds into other kids’ beds

April Fool’s Ideas that take a bit more time (maybe just a day or two)

spilled coffee prank
Th spilled coffee prank

Some of these are in the “bit more time” section as you may have to get hold of certain items first – e.g. wasabi peanuts or a packet of oreas

  • Chocolate Sprouts – tasty ones, yukky ones
  • Mix in wasabi peanuts with mini eggs
  • Toothpaste Oreos – replace the white part of the Oreo with tooth paste
  • Wrap mini plum tomatoes or grapes in foil and pretend they are chocolate eggs (use real chocolate egg foil if you have some! Let them have the “real eggs” later)
  • The Nutella “poo” joke – go to the loo and ask someone to pass you some toilet paper, then “accidentally” get poo on their hands (aka nutella). Or similarly put some nutella on the toilet door handel
  • Spilled coffee drink – a clever and easy craft that looks like you have spilled coffee on someone’s computer
  • DIY Gummy Bottle

Anyway, hope those are some ideas to keep you going today! Remember, keep it kind!

And if you kids are in the chuckling mood.. why not check out some of these Jokes for Kids Books?!

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