Top Easter Crafts for Kids of all time!

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I have an extensive collection of well over 40+ Easter Crafts for kids.. We adore cute Easter crafts! But sometimes, I think it is nice to “narrow down” the craft list and with that hopefully making it more accessible and not so overwhelming! So I put together MY Best Easter Crafts for kids of all time. I.e. my “go to” crafts for Easter, as well as my kids’ favourite makes from over the years. I hope this list of Top Easter Crafts for Kids inspires you to have a go!

My Top Easter Crafts collage

This has a great mix of Easter crafts for school age children, some more suited for primary school children and early years others more suitable as elementary Easter activities. But definitely something for everyone! All to do with personal interests and skills sets of the students in your classroom!

The majority of my best Easter Crafts, really are SUPER EASY and really do only use the most basic of materials. Paper, recycled goods etc. So hopefully, you can dive into as many of these as possible straight away. There are also some, that I love, as they focus on building new skills, e.g. finger knitting or sewing projects for kids. Don’t be put off by something new! Have a go!

I have also added additional links here and there, in case you want to dive deeper into a certain theme or topic – e.g. Easter Card Making or Bookmarks etc. Just lookout for those.


Top Easter Crafts for Kids of All Time

I considered ordering these by theme – e.g. Easter Preschool Crafts vs Easter Bookmarks etc.. but then decided, that actually.. they can be made and enjoyed by all! We have plenty of “themes” here on Red Ted Art already… time to just take a look and browse!

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards

First up we have these Easy Pop Up Chick Cards! I love these cards, as they are so happy and so cheerful. And yes, you guessed it, so EASY to make. Based on circles, you can make your chicks any size. Then pop them into the post and make someone’s day! Feeling inspired, see more great Handmade Easter Cards here! Your elementary class students especially will love these!

Paper weaving is a great fine motor skills activity and introduces pattern making

We adore paper weaving as an activity. It feels like a “childhood classic” that everyone needs to have a go at, at some point. You can either download our free Woven Egg Chick Cards Templates or draw your own. Then make these cute Spring Chickens. The template comes in two size – a large one for small hands and the “card version” for older kids. Older kids will can do their own cutting and assembly. Early years/ younger kids can focus on just the weaving elements of these cute cards.

A wonderful Easter decoration that also enhances fine motor skills and introduces sewing to kids

Adorable Paper Plate Chick Weaving is a guest post by the gorgeous I Heart Crafty Things. She really does have fabulous crafts for kids. And the cuteness of these paper plate chicks is no exception. Though designed for little kids to improve their fine motor skills, I think these paper plate sewing chicks are something anyone can enjoy! These make wonderful calssroom decorations! So cute.

Gen Easter Basket
Easy DIY Chicken Easter Basket

These Recycled Tissue Paper Hen Baskets are an “olden goldie” here on Red Ted Art. Made using homemade papier mache paste (all you need is flour and water – no pva glue needed), recycled tissue paper and a balloon. The rest you can improvise depending on materials you have to hand. I think this one is a particularly fun Easter activity for elementary school kids.

Easter Pinch Pots

Easter Egg Pinch Pots – pinch pots are super fun and easy to make. They are a great introduction to working with air drying clay and wonderful for developing finger strength. Acrylic paint is great for finishing this project off! The little pipe cleaner Easter chick legs always make me giggle too! Once finished, they are a lovely decoration for the Easter table! WIll with candy and small treats. Pinch pots is something for kids of all ages. Younger children in preschool or primary can focus on the basic shape. Older children can be encourage to create more of their own designs and colour schemes.

Easy Egg Cup Origami for Easter

We acutally have a NUMBER of Paper Easter crafts for you to explore. And of course Easter Origami features too! I do really love these simple Origami Egg Cups – these are seriously underrated. I love making them so much! They are simple and easy to make and a great way to cheer up the Easter Table. You can colour co-ordinate with any Easter decor that you have, as well as have fun decorating the breakfast eggs! Love the adorable bunny “headband”. A quick way to turn hard boiled eggs into little bunny eggs. We love origami.

This is an easy origami project and great for beginners. Though would say elementary students would enjoy this project more as an Easter activity. I would encourage them to create these egg cups combined with an egg decorating project!

Cutest Egg Cup Chicken

Super simple Easter crafts for kids are these Egg Carton Chickens – because they are funny! And I used to make these as a child and have very happy childhood memories of crafting these at Easter. More Egg Carton Crafts for you here. All you need is egg cartons and a little felt for the beak and wattle!

Fun bunny crafts you have to make – Easter Bunny Paper Puppets – as they are so fun to make and are actually a little STEAM project too – teach the kids all about the basics of mechanics! And this little bunny comes with additional extras so you can customise it too. Will your bunny wear a bow tie or a ear bow? Will you add a bunny-corn? Or a carrot?

Chicken Bookmark Corner

Chick Corner Bookmarks – because we love corner bookmarks and these chicks are adorable (and ever so easy to make!). Corner bookmarks we are super fun craft, as the materials required very basic and yet there are so many things you can make. Bookmarks are always great for elementary school kids or middel school children. Surely, you can never have too many bookmarks, right?!

Bunny Bookmarks

….or make these cute Bunny Bookmark Corners – we actually have TWO versions for you when it comes to bunny rabbits, so do check out the second one too! The perfect elementary Easter activity to have a go at in the classroom (I have created printable worksheets too). And many more Easter Bookmark Crafts for you here! Any Easter craft ideas round up NEEDS these cute bunny bookmarks!

Easter tree

Easter Tree Decorating reminds me of traditional Easter Trees from Austria made with blown eggs and Pussy Willow Twigs popped into a vase. These were a key part of decor every Easter at my grandmother’s house. The kids and I made little blown egg birds – a simple Easter egg craft to have a go at. But you can decorate your Easter Tree in whatever way you want. We have SO many Egg Decorating Ideas for you, include a fantastic Egg Decorating for Preschoolers set too!

You can also make pom poms to hang from it too! Super cute!

Or use our classic salt dough recipe to make egg shaped salt dough ornaments with cookie cutters! Such an easy Easter craft for you to try.

Finger knitting Bunny

Finger Knitted Bunnies – finger knitting really is a great skill for kids and something you can start them on quite early. You may have to give it a few goes.. but once the kids have mastered how to finger knit, it is a wonderful mindful activity. It will also allow them to get into regular Easter knitting projects or even crochet later, as it builds on similar skills!

Similarly, if you LOVE yarn crafts, you have to have a go out our simple pom-pom chicks made using just our hands! A wonderful “childhood classic”!

Again, a much underrated activity but a lovely way to decorate for Easter… Hen & Chick Craft – using real egg shells, egg cartons and our free template. Combing our love for Easter Paper crafts with using recycled materials – waste not want not. A lot of people express surprise when I say my kids handled blown out egg shells even as toddlers. Yes they are oh so precious and yes, they are easy the break (and break they will), but it is a wonderful leanring experience of working with precious materials. And to be honest, egg shells land in the compost anyway, so a broken egg here or there, isn’t a disaster!

Bunny Pattern

Recycled fabric rag bunnieslearning to sew is another one of those life skills that many kids miss out on, but is worth persevering! You can of course always make these bunnies FOR your kids. Either way, the pattern is simple and free. Do check it out! You could add burlap features as per our no sew sock bunny too!

Yarn Wrapped Pom Pom Sheep Wreath
The pom pom lambs are easy to make

Of course we need a little Easter Wreath DIY too – or spring wreath – we adore the simplicity of this Pom Pom Sheep Wreath. I created this pom pom wreath especially for the classroom – as it is quicker and easier to make 3-4 pom poms per wreath, than to cover the whole wreath AND it the yarn wrapping element of the wreath, requires a lot less wool.

I do hope you like our best of collection of Easter activities for kids and found some fun ideas to give a go!! If it has whet your appetite for more, continue reading below with our 40+ Easter Crafts for kids:

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