Easy Doll Head Planter for Kids

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We love all recycled projects in this house!!! Recycling is a great way to show kids that we can make use of old things in many new and cool way.. as per this wonderful and easy Doll’s Head Planter for Kids. This is a post shared with us by the lovely Jenny on Facebook! THANK YOU for letting me bring it our readers. What I really love about it, is that it reminds me of the fabulous Dolores Madrigal from Encanto.. don’t you think so too? A great little Encanto Craft idea or if you feeling garden crafty inspired, try these Flower Pot Painting Ideas & Techniques.

dolls head planter upcycle
Vintage Doll Head Planters are fun to make and look great!

This vintage doll head planter DIY is a great make for any budding gardener and a great way to get kids involved in gardening too. You don’t have to be an expert to have a go – at either gardening or DIY!

It teaches kids that you don’t need “much” to grow things. And that recycled gardening can be lots of fun, easy and inexpensive.

Lots of people love making these kind of doll head plant pots for Halloween.. and they are usually associated with creepy doll head plant pots. I don’t like the creepy trend so much – that is the stuff of nightmares. Ha. But I ADORE Jenny’s version – it is beautiful and definitely has the vintage doll vibes and no creepy ones at all. So totally go vintage and cool and NOT creepy and have a go at these doll planters today.

Supplies needed to make your own Ecanto Doll’s Head Planter:

If you are up for having a go at this vintage doll head planter.. I reckon you simply need to keep an eye out in the thrift store or yard sales for a suitable doll, or check the online market places such as facebook, ebay or even etsy may have some. This is a game of PATIENCES.. wait until you find the perfect doll’s head to recycle! Trolls/ troll dolls are super cute too and would be perfect for succulents and moss.

  • Get a on old Doll’s head from an online market place. Jenny got her doll for £3
  • Grab a vintage scarf (though if making Dolores, you could use a red piece of fabric)
  • A lovely houseplant, such as Fajka flowers – Jenny’s are from The Range for £5
  • And some spary paint. Jenny’s spray is from B&Q – Rust-Oleum concrete effect – £12
  • Basic garden supplies, such as soil/ a little gravel for the bottom of the plant pot
  • Tools for trimming the Doll’s head and hair – Jenny actually use a kitchen knife – but please handle with CARE!

I do think that spray paint has the a great finish – it is also the most water proof. But you can try using acrylic paint and a varnish too.

How to make a Doll’s Head Planter

Once you have found your perfect doll’s head to recycle (I think the ones you that are meant for children to practice the hair styles on are best) it time to get roll up your sleaves and get DIY ready!

get your dolls head and give it a good clean

Give the doll a good clean – so that the spray paint sticks to it better later.

Now you will need to cut off the old doll’s head as neat as possible! Jenny actually used a kitchen knife and her husband’s muscle power. Some people use a hacksaw to do this. And depending on the old baby dolls’ material, you may even get away with doing this with some strong kitchen scissors or a craft knife.

Whatever you do: take care and do this carefullly – ideally use a DIY bench and stay safe!

cut the top of the head off

You can already see it coming together now, right? Now start removing all the air. You won’t need any of it!

remove all of the hair

Your doll is now ready for spray painting!

Again! Be sure to follow the instructions on the spray paint can – usually, you need to do this outdoors in a well ventilated area. So remember to stay safe!

Now fill te bottom of your dolls head with gravel – this will also help add some weight to the doll and help avoid it toppeling over.

Then add your soil and plants.

encanto planter diy

Finally add your vinatge scarf for that Encanto Dolores look. Isn’t this Doll Head Planter wonderful? I think it turned out SO WELL! LOVE IT!

These would make a super cute gift for Mom on Mother’s Day too, don’t you think? It helps avoid plastic going into landfill (for a little while longer) too.

Extension ideas:

  • you could use the doll as a dolls head vase instead of a planter!
  • depending on the doll’s size, experiment with different plants – cacti, succulents, moss, vines etc

Thank you again to Jenny for sharing this craft with us today!

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