Must See Encanto Crafts for Kids

Well, “we don’t talk about Bruno”, but we ARE talking about Encanto! The latest Disney Movie that has enchanted our hearts and taken the world by storm (sorry Moana, but everyone is talking about this new magical family now!). So it is only natural to want a collection of Encanto Crafts for Kids! For me Encanto inspired crafts are crafts inspired by Colombia! So I have pulled out all our favourite, relevant crafts for kids, that I think you will like too!

Encanto Inspired Crafts for kids
We love Disney’s Encanto!

If you love this latest movie full of magic and want recreate some of the fun at home, take a look at the selection of Encanto inspired activities today! Some the activities today, could easily be incorporated into lesson plans!

Encanto Inspired crafts/ Colombia inspired crafts

As this movie is set in the mountains of Colombia, our Encanto inspired crafts are inspired by this beautiful country! Let’s explore the magic of the Encanto together!

Remember to use lots of bright colors when making your Encanto activities and crafts!

Many of the crafts shared here today, are great as party decor at an Encanto Birthday Party or could be used as party favors or as a party craft too! Kids of all ages can enjoy these crafts. When working with younger kids, be sure to make them “together” projects to work on togethr.

So pop on the Encanto Soundtrack and lets get crafting!

Encanto Music and Rhythms

We all know that Encanto is about the MUSIC!! Isabela is surrounded by music throughout this new Disney movie. This is hardly suprising, as Colombia is often described as “the land of a thousand rhythms”! So let’s make some music..

diy maracas
Maracas are a fun Columbian instrument

Learn how to make your own Maracas from Recycled Materials – Maracas are a popular musical instrument in South America, including columbia. Learn more about Maracas here. We actually used markers to decorate these homemade maracas, so you don’t even have to get messy and get the paints out. Though I reckon acrylic paints would look great toO!

paper guitar

Make a simple guitar (that makes sounds!) from cardboard and elastic bands. We left our guitar relatively plain.. but if you are making an Encanto Guitar – why not decorate it with bright flowers and animals?


Keep the rhythm going with these super simple castanets or “click clack” toys! Simple, colourful and fun!

Let’s Talk about the Encanto Animals!

Again, we don’t talk about Bruno, but we CAN talk about the animals! Oh and what amazing animals there are – both in the Encanto Movie, but of course in Colombia itself too! Here are some Encanto inspired animal crafts to have a go at!

Love the cheeky Pico Toucan in Encanto? Make one of our bird finger puppets and colour it in Pico colours!

toilet paper roll vulture

Ok, maybe not too many vultures in the Encanto movie.. however, the Andean Condor/ vulture IS the national bird of Colombia. So if you are exploring Colombia, as well as love making things from Toilet Paper Rolls, this Toilet Paper Roll Vulture is a must!

make parce from encanto
Parce the spotty Jaguar also features in our toilet paper roll crafts!

Love Antonio Madrigal and his companion Parce? Well maybe Parce the spotty Jaguar is your favourite animal companion.. in which case, we also have a spotty big cat that Red Ted made many moons ago and who would be just perfect for you to make! Check out our Toilet Paper Roll Zoo for inspiration!

mouse finger puppet
Don’t Eat the Rats!

Well.. everyone knows the famous “Don’t Eat the Rats!” moment in Ecanto! But did you also know that in Colombia, you don’t get the tooth fairy but Ratoncito Pérez – Perez the Mouse – so why not have a go at these Mice Finger Puppets. Aren’t they cute?

Encanto Candle

encanton candle craft
A Magical Candle would be a great decoration at an Encanto-themed party!

Grab some paper rolls and gold glitter glue to make this next craft – So how about an actual Encanto Candle Craft made using toilet paper rolls and electric tea lights. Isn’t this lovely?! Surely a must make for any Encanto fans or if you are having an Encanto Party! Kids Activities blog shares how. Make a set to take home as party favors too!

Kids Activities Blog also shows us how to make some super cute Mirabel Madrigal Glasses! Wouldn’t these also make great party favors?

Make Encanto Flowers!

One thing you will certainly notice about the Encanto is the NATURE and all the Flowers and Fauna! So if you are looking for Encanto crafts for kids, the bright, colourful flowers of all sizes should most definitely be on the list! We have LOTS of wonderful flower crafts for you to browse, but have picked out the following for you:

paper flower

These 3d Paper Flowers a lovely to make – they are great for decorating large spaces with too and really easy!

newspaper flowers

These newspaper flowers are thrifty and fun to make. You can make them as big or small as you want and go wild with the colours.

tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers with buttons are a childhood “classic” and a must. They are pretty and so easy to make and you can easily make a bouquet centre piece with them.

encanto planter diy

Whilst on the topic of plants… how beautiful is this Vinatge Dolls Head Planter? We think it looks just like Dolores!

The Encanto Family Is Everything

family tree for Encanto fans
Familia is Everthing!

Now, as we know, The Family Madrigal is super special. But to Mirabel, Familie is EVERYTHING! Why not have a go at creating your own Family Tree – She Knows has some great examples of how to make one. But in YOUR family tree, don’t just name the people but also add a characteristic of the person that makes them special. Maybe they are super kind? Or extra fun?

Let’s Make our Own Weather

weather science

Are yo inspired by Tía Pepa and how she can control the weather? Well ok. We can’t REALLY make the weather nor influence it. But my friend Emma at Science SParks has a fantastic set of WEATHER Experiments, you simply have to try out! From a storm in a jar to predicting the rain. Which will you have a go at!

Cook Julieta’s Arepas con Queso

arepas encanto
Learn to make Arepas

Let’s explore Julieta’s – Mirabel’s mom’s – powers. The poers of healing! She was able to heal Mirabel’s hands with “Arepa con Queso”. Why not have a go at making your own Arepas?

Other Encanto Resources + Encanto Coloring Pages etc

Want more inspiration? Disney has an amazing activity pack, packed full of facts and fun about the Encanto Movie, but also about Colombia? Why not take a peak?

encanto coloring pages
Have a go at coloring this Extraordinary Family in this charmed place!

Chip and Co has Encanto Coloring Pages and activity sheets for you to download too! These downloads include a butterfly maze, and magic door to decorate too!

I hope you have enjoyed these kids activities and that you will give at least some of these ago. Many are suitable for an Encanto themed party for sure! Especially if decorate with big gorgeous flowers and eating some cheesy Arepas! Bring the magic of Encanto into your own home.