Easy Easter Cookies – Easter Bonnets


When Krista from one of my facebook groups shared her favourite Easter Bonnet Cookies, I just KNEW I had to share these with you too. Luckily Krista agreed and let me share with you today. They are SUCH easy Easter Cookies to make – perfect for the Easter holidays or for any playdates around Easter time. So cute and more importantly so FUN to make (and of course eat!!). Oh and did I mention that they are “no bake Easter Cookies” too? BONUS!

easter bonnet cookies
These adorable Easter Bonnet Cookies are shared with us by Krista from Facebook! THANK YOU!!!

Not only are these little Easter Bonnet Cookies ridiculously CUTE, they are fun make for kids of all ages – whether you have some preschoolers or some tweens, I think they will all love to make these. I particularly love, that Krista use to make these with HER mum when she was little.. and now she is continuing this tradition with her own kids. How lovely is that?! Childhood memories in the making!

These make such as weet Easter dessert or Easter gift to bring when visiting family on Easter Sunday or to a classroom Easter party! They keep well in an airtight container. Such a great Easter sugar cookies idea!

Move over peeps.. we have some lovely Marshmallow Easter Bonnets to make!

To make these easy No Bake Easter Bonnet Cookies, you will need the following ingredients:

No cookie cutters needed!

  • round cookies*
  • marshmallows
  • Icing Sugar (you can probably use royal icing too)**
  • a little water
  • a little food coloring
  • Spring themed sprinkles (e.g. butterflies, bunnies, flowers, Easter Egg confetti etc)
  • baking sheet paper or a tray for working on, as this will get a LITTLE messy

*A round cookie with a concentric circle, like some shortbread cookies are best. However you could just buy your favourite chocolate chip cookies and give it a go too? The best thing however… is that these cookies are no bake, so no hot oven or “additional” mess in the kitchen required. However, if you DO Love to make and like to go back to basics, why not make your favourite butter cookie or shortbread recipe? E.g. you can give our this shortbread recipe a go – we used it to make adorable Easter Chick cookies / bunny cookies last year. It delicious, buttery and uses NO eggs, so is also a lovely taste safe recipe for kids! The key is to use unsalted butter, as I feel the cookie dough “spreads less” with no salt.

**don’t like icining sugar, why not give these a go with a cream cheese frosting instead? Yum!

How to make your easy Easter Cookies – Bonnets:

Store bought round shortbread is PERFECT for making these Bonnet Cookies. You ideally want to find a cookie with a little circle centre. It will simply help position your marshmallow better!

Make up a little icing sugar, with water and only a TOUCH of food colouring. For this activity less food colouring is “more”. As you want to get some of those spring pastel colours! Also be sure not to make your mixtures too runny. My kids love mixing the icing sugar with some lemon juice to add a little flavor too. Or you could try rose water too to add different flavours to your Easter Cookies.

Once you have a nice googy icing sugar mixtures. Add a blob to the centre of your shop bought cookie.

easy easter cookies
These no bake easy Easter Treats are great for kids of ALL ages!

Put the marshmallow on top of this.

Now the fun begins. Carefully, cover the marshmallow and the whole cookie in your icing sugar mixture. Be sure it covers all the sides.

Now get a handful of sprinkles and decorate your Easter bonnet cookies! 3 butterflies or flowers will do. But of course you can let your creativity go wild!

easter bonnets treats
Such a fun and easy Easter cookie recipe idea!

Once done, pop them on a wire rack, so any excess icing sugar can drip off and let dry fully (resist the temptation to poke them! Else you will end up with finger prints!!).

Aren’t they adorable? And so so soooo easy!

I think these easy NO Bake Easter Treats would make a great addition to any School Easter Bake Sale – I mean, they are simply irristible, aren’t they? You could even pop them on top of a cupcake, if you want to make the bake sale items “bigger”.

Last year, we made up some homemade Easter treats parcels to send to family (and deliver to some local friends)… You can see what we got up to here.. I think this year, we will DEFINITELY add some of these adorable and so so sooo easy Easter Cookies too. In fact, we have a sleepover coming this weekend and these will be a MUST MAKE!

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