Easy Panda Pop Up Card


Time for a Panda Pop Up Card. I haven’t made a DIY Pop Up Card Project in a while!! It was the eve of my daughter’s birthday and I need a birthday card in a (semi) hurry. So I put my money where my mouth is and made one (like I am always telling YOU to do! Ha!). Though stricyly speaking my daughter was NOT having a Panda themed party, it kind of ended up having a panda themed party, as we had a fabulous Pandacorn Cake prepared and also decorated some white balloons in “Panda”! So I thought a quick Panda Pop Up card would be fun!

Now I made this card at around 10:30pm (yes it was last minute), so I don’t have the exact step by step process photos like I normally do – boo me! However, it is made EXACTLY the same as our Easy Emoji Pop Up Card – with of course the decorating details being different. But just as easy. I will talk you through these below!


How to make a Panda Pop Up Card - Panda Party Ideas

To make your Panda Pop Up Cards you will need:

  • A5 Card stock folded in half or an A6 ready craft card – I used purple (get great coloured cards here – USUK (aff link)
  • White paper
  • Contrasting “background paper” (I used green)
  • Bits of black paper for decorating
  • Black pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make an Panda Pop Up Card:

Watch our fabulous Pop Up emoji card video here.. I made the panda’s head slightly more oval.

The main Panda Pop Up Cards differences are:

You will need the following shapes:

  • two panda eyes (a bit like fat tears)
  • white circles with a black dot for the centre
  • a black nose
  • two panda ears

Assembly of your panda pop up card

How to make a Panda Pop Up Card - Panda Party Ideas

Assemble the card as per the emoji video – but leave the decorating until last. Make sure you have a white pop up oval.

Add the panda eyes and nose.

Add rosy cheeks to your panda (if you wish!).

How to make a Panda Pop Up Card - Panda Party Ideas

For the ears: you will need to position them on the side of the panda’s face – half pop up, half stuck down to the card. They will need an extra fold.


How to make a Panda Pop Up Card - Panda Party Ideas

Enjoy your Panda Pop Up card!!!!

How to make a Panda Pop Up Card - Panda Party Ideas

And to go with our Panda Party theme… here are our balloons. I could have stuck some black paper ears on.. but wasn’t sure yet if the kids wanted to play with them at the party.. so decided to leave them off!

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