Panda Bear Bookmark Corner

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We have had lots of requests for some Panda Bookmark Corners. So I decided to have a go at some. I think that these Pandas work great for anyone that adores the Panda Emoji… or for anyone trying to find a craft to go with the Kung Fu Panda movie too.. or simply for those among us that ADORE Pandas, just because.

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This DIY Panda Corner Bookmark was first published in June 2016 and has been updated and republished for your convenience!

I have some great and easy panda origami bookmark instructions to shreare with you today.  As with all our Bookmark Corner  these Panda DIYs are based on a simple Origami Corner Bookmark pattern, which I have then adapted using a little cutting and sticking where necessary! You may also love our Panda Bear DIY Origami (nice and easy!!)

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Easy Panda Bookmark Corner – Materials:

To make your easy Panda Origami Bookmarks, you will need:

  • white paper (eg from the printer)
  • some black paper or a black pen
  • scissors & and a glue stick

You won’t need a panda bookmark template as these are so easy to make!

How to make a cute Origami Panda. Panda Bookmark Corner DIY:

Watch the basic origami bookmark video on auto play and the add the additional panda features outlined below! Or scroll to the bottom of the post for the full YouTube Panda Video! Enjoy.

Step by step Panda Bookmark in structions:

  • Begin by making a BASIC Origami Bookmark – these are super easy to learn how to make and once you have the hang of them you can make them over and over again!
  • Cut out two black ears and stick them to the back.
  • Cut out two large panda eyes + two small ones in white, position on the top of your bookmark and glue down. You can now add the nose and both.
  • Finally cut a black strip for the Panda’s body and glue down.
  • And now it is time to cute 4 arms and legs. I cut rounded rectangles, glued them down and then trimmed to fit the shape of the panda origami bookmark.
  • Next I rounded of the corners, just to make the panada bookmark that little “cuter” with the softer edges.
  • FINISHED!!! Enjoy your cute panda bookmark!!!

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