Easy Paper Plate Angel Craft for Kids

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We have a super cute 3d Paper Angel printable that you all love year in year out! The other day, I thought that these would also make great 3d Paper Plate Angels – but paper plate angels that do NOT need a printable template (though you could use my template and lay it over the paper plate if you wish!). I just sometimes like to go back to basics when crafting with kids – especially if doing Christmas Crafts in the classroom!

Easy Paper Plate Angels

How do you make an angel out of a paper plate?

Well there are lots of ways (as always!!) to make paper plate angels. There are many two paper plate angels – where you cut out three parts to your paper plate and glue them back together again.. or there are these 3d Paper Plate angels – where you do a little clever cutting (I will guide you through the basic steps for great results below) and fold and slide together, so no glue or stapling is needed!

How do you make a paper plate angel topper?

Watch our quick to follow Paper Angel Video tutorial or the step by step instructions with photos below!

As these paper plate angels we are making today are 3d (and stand up easily by themselves) they make great little angels to pop on top of the Christmas tree too! So either make this paper plate angel OR have a go at our free paper Angel printable – either is great as an Angel Tree Topper!

paper angel topper

What do I need to make my paper plate angels – super simple supplies only:

  • in theory JUST a paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Pencil & round object to trace
  • and maybe a pen….

and you can make your basic 3d angels!

I will show you how quickly and easily these are made! Then it is totally up to you how you choose to personalise and embelish your angel. We add a “quick and easy” paper head and tissue paper hair – only because we wanted the nice “even colour” of skin tone paper. But JUST pens will work just as well. Or you can decorate and embellish with paints, stickers, sequence, ribbons…. you get my drift!

I however used:

  • skin tone paper
  • tissue paper for hair
  • coloured pens
  • glue stick

How to make a paper plate angel 3d Christmas Tree Topper

To begin with, you will need to recreate this basic printable pattern. I promise you the steps are easy.. follow the instructions below!

angel printable

Make some basic folds into your paper plate as guide lines

It doesn’t matter too much which side up your paper plate goes. It is a question of preference.. but both ways up work!

  1. Fold the paper plate in half – do not make the creases too strong, as you only want these as guide lines.
  2. Then fold perpendicular to the half fold – and only crease the top bit

These folds will resemble the top cut and the side cuts in the image above.

Sketch your angel’s head

Now find the centre (using the folds to guide you) and just ABOVE the fold running across the paper plate, trace or draw a circle for the head.

Now we did a simple circle, as I knew we would decorate the paper angel later.. but you can draw a slightly more elaborate head if you wish. Just don’t make it too big.

Draw your cutting lines

Now draw your cutting lines. You will need:

  1. One line going from the top of the plate until the head.
  2. You will need to cut around the head (but leave a neck)
  3. you will need a line going from the head half way across the paper plate
  4. A final line coming from the right of the plate cutting half way across the plate

See image for reference!

You can SHAPE the wings if you wish, but it isn’t strictly speaking necessary!

Folding your paper plate into an angel

I find rolling the whole paper plate into a cone (around the head) first, makes the slotting of the wings together easier…

So make a cone shape.

Then open up again and this time, when you reshape it into a cone, slot the wings together to make your basic angel.

You have now made your basic 3d paper plate angel.

basic paper plate angel

Personally I think they look lovely as is, and you can leave them like this.. OR..

You can unroll them again and decorate!

Embellishing your Paper Plate Angel Craft

Use whatever you have to hand to decorate your angels! We decided to go for simple skin tone faces and tissue paper hair.

embellish the paper plate

Then decorate the angels dress and wings. We kept this to some simple marker pen decorations. But you can use paints, stickers, sequence.. whatever you have to hand!

Note: you need to decorate the BACK of the paper plate in order for you to see the decoration on the front.

3d paper plate angel toppers

Re assemble your paper plate angel and DONE!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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