Easy Heart Pop Up Cards

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I am very excited to bring you this NEW type of Pop Up Card Idea today! We are great fans of pop up cards.. especially if they are quick and easy to make! Today, I share these super duper easy Heart Pop Up Cards with you today. It is perfect as a Pop Up Mother’s Day Card, Valentine’s Day card or (changing the colours a little) Teacher Appreciation card.

We have been making these easy pop up heart cards since May 2019

If you love crafts and you love homemade cards, then these super duper easy Heart Pop-Up Cards are a MUST for a loved one this holiday season. They are easy to make and look great!

We show you how to make the basic hearts pop-up and glue inside your card and then it is up to you to give your creativity free reign! For example, you can get playful with the colours you use, you can grab some markers and do some lovely doodling and mindful decorating, you can add kawaii features to the hearts.. lots of opportunities to customise this simple heart pop-up card!

The perfect Valentine’s Day Card to make! These would make a lovely greeting card for other occasions such as Christmas or Mother’s Day too – whoever the recipient, it will sure put a smile on their face!

We are not new to Pop-Up Heart Cards.. and have more designs and “types” of pop up hearts for you here:

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We love each and every one of these heart card designs.. and each one is fantastic whatever you decided to make. So many variations on the same theme for a pop-up Valentine’s card! I do think that any heart based card, also makes for a great Birthday Card!

Easy Heart Pop Up Cards – Supplies needed:

You will need some basic supplies.. but as with all our tutorials, I encourage you to avoid unnecessary purchases and work with what you already have to hand!

  • An A5 Card folded in half to make an A6 blank card (we used a pink one)
  • Some white paper or construction paper – ours was 21cm long and 6cm high
  • Some red paper (enough to cut three medium size hearts) – you can have fun with different colors! Or doodle on your hearts instead with markers
  • Scraps for additional decorating if you wish
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

(These are easy to make and you will NOT need a cutting mat nor a craft knife! A great “safe” craft for the classroom!).

Worksheets Available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or gumroad– including classroom friendly templates!

How to make an easy heart chain Pop-Up Card for Valentines or Mom

I love how super easy these paper heart chain cards really are to make. And we have more gorgeous designs planned for you later in the year!!! Down below we have our “usual” How To Video, but do follow the step by step instructions if you prefer.

Pop Up Heart Cards – Step by Step instructions

This 3d heart card tutorial focusses on the actual pop up bit of card making. We have left the front of the card really simple – kids can add some paper hearts to that too or draw some hearts if they wish!

Making your pop up hearts

Concertina your white paper in aproximately 3.5cm folds. Basically alternating a valley fold and mountain fold. They need to super neat creases with each edge aligning perfectly. You need a total of 6 folds!

Draw a heart half – make sure the “outside” of the heart is on the side that “flaps open” and also that it goes right to the edge – you will need a straight edge there so the hearts do not fall apart, a bit like a Paper Doll Chain. The centre of the heart should be on the closed side. If you find it easier, we have some heart card templates on teachers pay teachers for you!

Cut out the hearts. When you open it up you should have 3 hearts connected together.

Decorating your hearts

We decided to decorate the hearts with more red paper hearts, but you can grab colored pencils or markers and decorate them that way too!

Time to decorate! We used our white hearts to trace a stencil and cute a slightly smaller second heart in red. But you can also decorate the hearts with pens, add photographs or do whatever grabs your fancy.

In our case, we glued 3 red hearts to the centre of the white ones. Making sure the “centre” of the hearts “fold in” and not out.

Assembling your pop up heart card

Add glue to the back of the two “outside heart” HALVES and carefully stick down on your cardstock paper!

Adding finishing touches to your 3d heart card

You can add little hearts to the outside of the card too.. but the focus is on the pop-up!

At this point you can add any embellishments that you want. I decided to cut out extra ppaer hearts. But you can use stickers, glitter glue, shaped hole punches.. anything you want. Be it hearts, balloons, flowers or what ever else takes your fancy!

Congratulations! Your card is finished. You can decorate with additional paper hearts, valentine’s confetti or write some lovely messages to Mom!! A personalized message is always that finishing touch. Then pop them in an envelope and put a smile on someone’s face.

Such an easy pop up card idea for Mother’s Day to make!!! Hope you like it too! Such an easy tutorial for Valentines! To pin to Pinterest for safe keeping too!

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