Mother’s Day Cards to Make

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You have seen our Mother’s Day Crafts and probably our collection of Pop Up Cards to Make… this post focusses on our collection of Mother’s Day Cards to Make with Preschoolers and Kids!! Any gift for Mom, needs a diy mother’s day card! Check out our collection of fabulous card tutorials. So many lovely designs to choose from.

Collage of Mother's Day Card Ideas - including flowers and hearts
You can make so many fab designs – focusing on the front of the card or a special pop up on the inside!

There are some very specific Mother’s Day cards to choose from… as well as some great Heart or “Love” cards from our Valentine’s Day collection, that we though you would love for Mum too! Hope you enjoy our Mother’s Day Resources

Mother’s Day Cards to make with Preschoolers

A small subsection dedicated to the little ones among us. If you are working with toddlers and preschoolers this  Mother’s Days, then be inspired by these card making ideas! We have a more extensive list of Mother’s Day Ideas for Preschool for you to browse too! Make Mom’s Day special with these cute cards.

Collage of preschool card ideas for Mother's Day

Printable Mother’s Day Cards

These are our top Printable Mother’s Day cards, if you want more Printable Mother’s Day Activities, do hop over and see a more comprehensive list! Grab your templates and printables to do and show your appreciation for mom. So sweet!

Collage of Printable Cards for Mom
Fun printable card ideas
  • Flower Basket Weaving CARDS for Mother’s Day and Teacher’s! (Includes FREE Printable)
  • Similarly we have a fabulous Heart Pop Up Printable, perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays and THANK YOUs.
  • Instead of your traditional card, make a 3d Flower Cootie Catcher, with messages to mum (free printable!). Fun to color, glue together and personalize inside (different printable versions are available).
  • And we also have these super cute Mother’s Day Teacup Printables – which would make a great card alternative too! Fill with a treat that mom will love! Who needs a flower pot, when you have cute tea cups to fill instead!

Heart Mother’s Day Cards

The majority of these Heart Mother’s Day Cards are actually from our Valentine’s Day Crafts series….. but I do feel “hearts” make a wonderful theme for Mother’s Day and should be revisited here too!! I have picked out some of my favourites.. but there are so many MORE designs in our Valentine’s Day Card Making post, that you should really check those out too if you fancy more!! I promise you, Mum will love them all! Once you have made your cards, add a lovely mother’s day message and you are done!

Collage of Heart Cards for Mother's Day
Heart cards can be made in red, pink, orange! Kiddos will love making these!

More Mother’s Day Cards

Now these don’t fall under any specific category as such, but are no less fabulous.. this section includes origami for kids and flowers and more… enjoy!

collage of card designs for mother's day, including flower card designs
Super creative cards to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Origami Tulips – we love origami.. and this basic origami tulip is perfect for a Mother’s Day Card! This really is an easy craft for all. Add your paper tulips to the front or some card stock and you are done. Younger kids can use construction paper to make the tulip heads and draw a stem. Older kids can give the origami stem a go too!
  • Origami Bunny Cards – Some BUNNY loves you, Mum!
  • Butterfly cards – learn how to make these easy paper butterflies and stick them to the front of a card
  • Pop up Flower Garden cards – another great pop up project – using the basic pop up card method technique. Design it to really personalise it to Mum based on types of flowers and cards. We love this colorful card as it is so happy and cheerful and the perfect way to wish someone a Happy Mother’s Day!
  • We also adore these cheerful POP UP Daffodil Cards – more fun experimenting with pop ups. Using simple shapes to make this cheerful card
  • We also adore this super cute POP UP Dress Card! Just darling! People are often “scared” of Origami.. but this basic paper origami dress pattern is a great project for kids to learn!
  • Adorable Mini Vase Cards for real flowers! Who doesn’t love a real flower for Mother’s Day? Wrap them in a damp tissue and cellophane so they last a bit longer too.
  • Or how about some super cute Frog Pun cards?

See our full collection of Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids here – lots of easy peasy crafts to try out and have fun with:

As well as super cute sub section of Mother’s Day Ideas for Preschoolers – move over crafty moms, and hello Dads.. take a peak at these easy peasy crafts for preschoolers and toddlers and make mom smile on Mother’s Day: