Easy T-Shirt Yarn Bunny – Easter Crafts for Kids

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We recently showed you How to Make T-Shirt yarn and now have a set of t-shirt yarn projects planned and lined up for you. To kick off our new found love for this fabulous upcycled materila, we have the cutest little and easy T-Shirt Yarn Bunnies for you. They find their “origins” in macrame and paracord knotting DIYs and I do hope you like them as much as we do. If you can’t wait for  more T-shirt yarn DIYs from us.. do check out these darling Paracord Dragonflies and Paracord People, which would be perfect for having a go at with T-Shirt Yarn as well!

We of course have lots more Easter Crafts for you – from Chick Crafts, to Bunny Crafts and Sheep Crafts! Hooray for Spring Crafting!

Easy T-Shirt Yarn Bunny - these little bunnies are just SO CUTE! Love that they are made from upcycled t-shirt yarn. Learn how to make your own T-shirt yarn!

T-Shirt Yarn Bunny – Materials

  • T-shirt yarn in two contrasting colors

And that is it!!

Find out how to make t-shirt yarn here!

T-Shirt Yarn Bunny – How To

Yes, it is VIDEO TIME again. Some crafts are simply better explained “in person”, and I feel that our videos do just that – give you the chance to really **see** how it is done.

What do you think? Aren’t these bunnies simply **adorable**? If you loved these bunnies, DO take a peak at these Paracord Dragonflies and Paracord People, I really do think they would look great made out of T-shirt yarn too!!!

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