Egg Decorating Competition Ideas – Eggstraodinary Circus


We love making Egg People and entering the School Egg Decorating Competition! Every year, the kids and I spend weeks discussing and planning the competition entry! The more egg puns and details you can add, the more fun!!!

So here is the Eggstraodinary Circus Egg Decorating entry. It was so fun to come up with the different characters (how I love Mystic MEGG!). As we organised a Virtual Competition for the school, we didn’t actually enter to win.. but joined in for fun!

Egg Decorating Competition - Circus

Top Tips & Tricks for the School Egg Decorating Competition:

  1. Teachers like a theme or a “scene” – the Egg Carton Diorama’s always go down well. But you can go bigger and more abitious
  2. If the theme is also linked to a school topic – than even better. So our Solar System really resonanted as Red Ted had this as one of his school topics
  3. Make it funny! Yes, you **NEED PUNS** and you will simply have to make it up. Teachers have a busy day and though they may be impressed with your art work, they also like to smile. Make them smile… even better make them laugh! So lots of EGG related puns. Thing EGGcellent, EGGstatic, EGGxplorer, EGGcited, EGG-head, cracked Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, fried eggs.. add other languages like “Oeuf” and see what you can come up with!
  4. Good quality paints can make all the difference to that finished look – have a set of these Gloss Enamels Paints (UK affiliate links), they are not super cheap, but they have lasted me aaaaages. Here is a great set for US readers.
  5. Finally – if you can – plan ahead and take your time. Then you can have more fun with your creation.. and you will have more time to think of funny details to add!

Remember.. they don’t have to be super complicated to win.. surprise your teachers! Pip Squeak one year, made a VERY quick and easy Cress Head Hair Dresser Salon and it surprised the teachers so much, she won!

To make an Egg Circus like ours you will need:

  • A clean pizza box
  • A little extra cardboard
  • LOTS of blown out eggs
  • Paints
  • Wool
  • PVA glue
  • Bits and pieces – such as small box for the ticket office and the mystic table and a styrofoam ball… and TP Roll for the cannon, paper (for the poles and words) and string
  • Hot glue for assembly
  • Pens, scissors, brushes

Detailed info on our Egg Circus Competition Entry

Here is a little video that shows you more detail from of the Egg Circus. We also have some more detailed photos and talk a little bit about the process as we went along.

This is very much a post to serve you as inspiration, rather than a detailed How To!

Tight rope walker egg

It all started with the tight rope walker… Pip Squeak loved working on her hair (she layered a yellow spiral on the egg, then balled up some wool and stuck it on top).

Ring Master Egg Person

Next she made GrEGGory! With a paper hat, and stick.. as well as woolly moustache.

Strong Woman Egg Person

We had some white eggs.. so they turned into twins.. The Strong Woman.. The Strong woman has a pom pom and toothpick weights to hold up and a leopard print dress!

Cannon Ball Egg Person

… and the cannon ball shooter!

My favourite character (then comes Mystic MEGG) is the clown Eggy Weggy. My 10yrs old made this all on her own (well she made ALL the characters o her own, but something about this clown just tickles me!).

More egg people and details

Once we had the main characters sorted, we started thinking about the audience and the overall set up of the circus craft. We made a ticket office from a calpol box…

Making the Pizza Box Circus Ring

And used the a clean Pizza Delivery Box to make the base for the circus. The strips we cut of the lid are used to make the circus platform! Then added another piece of cardboard on top!

And here you can see the audience again (as well as a family queueing up at the ticket office (sorry the image is a bit blurry)!

Egg Circus - School Competition

Ta-da! Our Egg Circus is finished! :=

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