Fun Christmas Elf Finger Puppets Printable for Kids

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How Christmas Printable fun continues! We have recently shared a lovely Advent Calendar Coloring Page, as well as some super fun Surprise Christmas Coloring Pages.. now the fun continues with a set of 3 Elf Finger Puppet Printables. Choose from coloring page options or full color elf printables!

christmas elf finger puppet
Such a fun elf printable activity!

As you know, we love all things Christmas! And these Paper Puppets are simply so fun and perfect for the holiday season. This easy paper craft is great for:

  • Mindfulness time – take your time coloring whilst listening to a story
  • Fine motor skills whilst coloring and cutting out your elf puppet
  • Pretend play – these elf puppets make a great paper toy
  • A fun seasonal lesson plan filler

Two Sets of Christmas Elf Puppets to print

The set splits into two sets of three! Both sets include one girl elf – the reindeer elf popping up from the gift, and two boy elves in stripey elf hats!

full color elf puppets
Full color elf printable – cut, stick and play

So we have the full color set of elf puppets – this is perfect for anyone short on time, but who wants to use these elves as part of some story telling or maybe even as props during some Christmas songs.

elf coloring pages puppets
Elf printable coloring page – color, cut, print and play

Or we also have the Elf Paper Puppet Coloring pages – these are perfect for a longer lesson plan fillers. Or if you have having a cozy afternoon listening to Christmas stories!

Supplies needed to make your Elf Finger Puppets:

  • Paper or light cardstock that fits in the printer
  • Markers/ coloring pens/ crayons or use a the full color versions
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Your elf finger puppet printable (I have made one set available for free on Gumroad, enter $0 at check out)

Remember to enter $0 at check out to access this printable as a freebie gift for you, my lovely Red Ted Art reader! If you wish to have the coloring pages as well, click on the Full Set button!

full set of printables

How to assemble your Elf Finger Puppets

As with all the finger puppets in this series (check out our Farm Animals and our Jungle Animals), making these finger puppets is really VERY EASY!!!

There is a video on autoplay, that shows you how to make the Snake Paper Puppet! The steps required are the same!

All you need to do, to assemble this cute farm animal puppets, is:

  • Print your favourite occupations out
  • Color them in
  • Cut out carefully
  • Fold the mouth part in 3 to create the mouth cavity
  • Cut out the two strips for your fingers
  • Glue the finger strips in place

Make one. Make them all. A fun Printable Elf Craft to enjoy in the classroom or at home.

We also have some Nativity Finger Puppets

nativity printables

The Nativity Puppet Printables are super cute! And the Angel Finger Puppet has been made available as a freebie (at the time of writing).

Dancing Elf Paper Puppets – STEAM Project

christmas paper puppets

Alternatively you may like this set of gorgeous Christmas STEAM projects – the Articulated Paper Puppet Series. Learn all about a simple mechanism when making this little Christmas Toy. The set includes:

Check out our extensive list of Christmas Printables:

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