Advent Calendar Coloring Page Printable

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With Christmas heading our way we have some wonderful Christmas crafts in the works too.. but why not start things off with a free Advent Calendar Coloring Page Printable? We love advent calendars – whether it is a simple chocolate one from the supermarket, today’s adorable free Christmas Printable, or a Craft a Day Advent…. they all make the Christmas season more magical!

advent calendar

Today’s Christmas Coloring Page is a two page set. We have the complet Christmas Advent Calendar Coloring Page for Red Ted Art readers to download free. Or you can have the “Design Your Own Advent Calendar” printable too, as part of a paid product.

We have many more DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for you to check out too!

How to use the Advent Calendar Blanks:

The Design Your Own can be used in many ways….

  • simply draw a picture each day – it could be something relating to your day or simply something Christmassy
  • you can write something into each calendar in advance – e.g. turn it into an activity calendar (e.g. read a Christmas story, do a craft etc) or a Kindness Calendar (e.g. Bake Cookies for the Fire Station)
  • you can use it as a SEL resources and help children process their feelings, by drawing happy, sad etc faces in it or use block colors to express feelings

These are some ideas to get you going! I am sure you can think of more!

Print your Christmas Countdown Calendars:

All you need for this activity is:

  • Your printables, printer and paper
  • Coloring pens/ pencils etc
full set of printables

If you are using our blank advent calendar – one not browse these 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids and pick 24 to do with your children? So lovely!

Nativity Advent Calendar Coloring Pages

Sorry to split this into TWO POSTS.. but a reader has just sent me her own version of these Advent Calendar Coloring Pages (using our fabulous “blank calendar” resources) to share with you. But it has be for free and I also need to credit all the artists. So if you would like to check out the Nativity Advent Calendar, come on over here:

Nativity Advent Calendar Coloring Page

More quick and easy Printable Christmas Ideas

We have a number of fabulous printable Christmas resources for you. To highlight the most recent we have the following ideas!

A complete set of Nativity Christmas Cones – make the nativity scene with these wonderful (and at the time of writing, totally free) coloring pages!

nativity printables

Alternatively, check out this super fun set of Nativity Paper Puppets!

glowing nativity craft

Or this simple Nativity Luminary Coloring Page.

Christmas Coloring Pages

We also have a set of super fun Christmas Surprise Coloring Pages! 12 designs plus “design your own” to choose from.

balancing elf printable

Simple STEAM Project for Christmas – make a Balancing Elf Craft – this is a free download.

elf paper doll

Christmas Paper Doll to dress up – again, this (at the time of writing) continues to be a free resource to Red Ted Art readers!

I hope you have fun with all these printable Christmas Coloring Pages! Wishing you are very festive Holiday Season and Merry Christmas to you all!