Fairy Tale Crafts: 3 Little Pigs

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Just as I decide to focus a little more on fairy tale crafts and nusery rhymes and look at what fun Fairy Tale Crafts we can do, Red Ted comes home from school telling me that they are “doing fairy tales”. Perfect timing then!

Crafts for Fairy Tales are a great way of bringing the story to life and I encourage the kids to tell me the story themselves. How about this Three Little Pigs TP Roll Craft?

Three Little Pigs TP Roll Craft
First shared in Feb 2014

We decided on seeing what we could  make to go with the 3 little pigs story. Both kids know the story well – it is simple to remember and they love the repetitive themes in it! Interestingly Red Ted liked sticking to the exact same words as they heard at school and Pip Squeak enjoyed making up part of her story. Both are of huge developmental value.

If you want to stretch your child.. can you get them to re-tell the story but with different characters? Red Ted is currently writing his own story at school – about the three little snakes and the big bad tiger. We have made 3 TP Roll Snakes and a TP Roll tiger. And he is now deciding on their houses.. one snake will have a house of leaves, another one made of piles of stones, the third snake, will make its underground….

What to make? We turned to our trusted TP Roll Crafts! And decided on some loo roll piggies and a big bad wolf.

Three Little Pigs Crafts – Materials:

  • 3 TP Rolls for the three little pigs
  • 1 Kitchen Towel Roll for the big bad wolf
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt leftovers
  • Glue
  • Paper & pens for the pigs’ simple paper origami houses

Three Little Pigs TP Rolls Craft – How To:

3 Litttle Pigs Crafts

1) First I got the kids to help me paint the toilet rolls – 3 in little pig colours and one in a black big bad wolf.

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

2) Once dried, using a pair of nail scissors, I cout out “features” – with that I mean, I cut down the top the toilet roll to make the ears and cut a slot at the bottom to make the feet. I fiddled with the wolf for ages to get him right. At one point he looked like a rabbit and not a big bad wolf about to huff and puff your house down! The key to the wolf, I think was cutting a flap out of the centre and “lifting it up” to make a snout. I attached paper teeth and think that had the right effect!

3) Then we stuck on googly eyes, felt snouts (you can draw these on) and some felt dungarees (again you could draw these on, use fabric scraps or coloured paper). The big bad wolf also got some hair ears and eye brows.

The 3 little Pig Craft DONE! Now we needed some quick houses (I was running out of steam).

How to Make a Paper Origami House:

We settled on some adorable Origami Houses that I remember LOVING in my childhood. Tuts+ reminded me of their existence a year or so ago! Red Ted (almost 6 yrs) LOVED doing these. It is a great simple project to get kids into origami. We love Easy Origami for Kids!

Origami House Step 1

1) Take a sheet of paper (the photo shows a square piece, but rectangluar is fine too, you will have to have it in “portrait” and then follow the steps).

Origami House Step 2

2) Fold the top down.

Origami House Step 3
Origami House Step 4

3) Fold the side across. Then open it again.

Origami House Step 6

4) Fold the sides in. The outside edges should aline with the centre crease. Make sure you have a really GOOD crease on both sides.

Origami House Step 7

5) Now you have to “unfold” the house roof, by “opening up the flap”. It helps to push your finger into the corner.

Origami House Step 8

6) And you should end up with a little roof like this. Smooth it down to get a nice crease.

Origami House Step 10

7) Repeat on the other side.

Origami House How To

8) Make sure your crease are all neat and stand up. If it is a bit floppy, just make sure the creases are good.

Three Little Pigs Houses

Colouring your paper origami houses to make homes for the three little pigs….

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