Frankenstein Origami Cup & Ball Game

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Learn how to make this easy Frankenstein Cup & Ball Game for Halloween
We adore Easy Origami for Kids! And this Frankenstein Origami Cup is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids! Fun to make.. and even more fun to play with!

Easy Paper Cup and Ball Game for Halloween - Frankenstein and Eyeball design
How fun are these Frankenstein Paper Toys?!

We love easy Halloween Origami for kids!

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Paper Frankenstein for Halloween – Materials

  • Green paper (one A4 sheet cut down into 2 15 x 15 cm squares)
  • Paper scraps in black and white for frank’s features
  • White paper for eyeball
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Sticky Tape, string to attach the eyeball

Printable instructions available for $2 here – perfect for use in a classroom environment!

How to make an Origami Frankenstein Toy for Halloween

Do scroll down for our easy to follow how to video or follow the written instructions here! OR visit my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for a printable step by step instruction to use in the classroom.

Example of worksheet introduction of our Easy Paper Cup and Ball Game for Halloween - Frankenstein and Eyeball design

Sample of the cover sheet to go with the 3 page printable instructions in the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store. Only $2!

Making an Origami Paper Cup

Fold your square piece of paper along the diagonal to make a triangle.

Neaten the creases and turn so the long edge runs along the bottom.

Take the far right corner and bring it over to touch the side on the left. As you fold, it should create a PARALLEL line with the bottom edge.

Neaten down the folds!

Repeat with the left side – again make sure you have a pararrel line.

Neaten down the folds.

Take on of the top flaps and fold down.

Flip over the origami and fold down the bag side. Make a neat crease.

Fold it back up and then turn inside the paper cup.

Finished! Your basic paper cup is down.

To make it “3d”, pop two fingers inside the cup, with the other hand squeeze down the bottom of the cup to shape.

Decorating your paper origami cup.

Easy Paper Cup and Ball Game for Halloween - Frankenstein and Eyeball design

Now turn your simple paper cup into Frankenstein.

You can do this simply by drawing with black pens or cutting out shapes and glueing them on.

Your Frank will need:

  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • One or two eye brows
  • Scars
  • A Mouth
  • Bolts

The bolts are easily made by cutting two rectangular pieces of paper and gluing them at right angles to another. Then gluing to the back of Frankstein’s head!

Makint the paper cup and ball – eyeBALL

To make your eye-Ball..

Take some string and tape to the centre of a piece of scrap paper. Wrap the paper around it and scrunch it into a ball.

Using a red pen add some eyeball bloodshoot lines.

Cut out a circle and add a black dot for pupils and stick onto your paper ball.

Add some tape to the other end of the string (knot this first and place the tape just above the knot to help secure it in place).

Tape to the inside of Frankenstein’s head.

Now puff out the Paper Cup, by placing two fingers inside the cup – with the other hand gentle squeeze the bottom of the cup inwards and it should puff out. You can now play with your Paper Cup and Ball Game! Good luck!

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