3d Paper Witch’s Hat Decoration

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We love crafting with paper! So much so, I even have a whole book dedicated to Easy Paper Projects (do check it out! UK readers, can get copies directly from me if they wish!!). Let me show you how to make a simple 3d Paper Witch’s Hat Decoration today. You can make these any size you wish.. make one, make many, hang them on a garland, hang them from the ceiling… so cute! A great Paper Halloween Craft!

3d Paper Witch Hat
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Materials required to make these Witch’s Hats:

  • black paper (though purple or green would be fabulous too)
  • a little contrasting paper for the band (I used light green and yellow)
  • string/ baker’s twine for hanging
  • scissors
  • pencil/ something to trace/ maybe a ruler (though I winged it)
  • glue stick

How to make a 3d Paper Witches hat from paper triangles

Let me begin by saying, that I made this up a little as I went along. So I changed the sizes around a bit and trimmed a bit here and added a bit there. I loved the result, so did want to share this craft with you.. but it isn’t perfect! But I hope you like it anyway!

how to make a paper hat

After some trial and error, I came up with:

  • 8.cm/ 3.5inch circle (diatmeter) and
  • a 7.5cm/ 3inch high triangle, approx 5.5cm 2.25inch width of triangle.

These are not exact measurements.. but give you an idea!

I made one sample triangle and then cut 7 more of the same size.

Fold the triangles in half.

Then add glue to one half of the triangle and place a second one on top (see bottom right picture).

witch hat decoration from paper

Continue until you have a stack of folded triangles glue together.

Get your string or bakers twine. Add a lot of glue to the “spine of your triangle stack. Make sure the knot of of your string does not peep over the edge of the triangles (top left).

Then take the top triangle half, and glue to the bottom triangle half (top right), trapping the baker’s twine inside.

Add a lot of glue to the circle base.

Even out your 3 triangle cone and stick on top. Let dry a little.

3d paper hat for halloween

Make a little witches band – a long thin strip of green, with a yellow triangle (and a smaller green triangle stuck to the centre.

Wrap around the hat and glue in place.

The bottom left picture shows my original circle (7.5cm), which I felt as a bit small.. so cut it out and glued the slightly larger circle on instead (see main image).

Your 3d Witches hat is done. What I love about this craft, is that you can make this 3d paper witch’s hat any size you want… three large ones of these would look great in a porch!

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