Axolotl Toilet Roll Craft for Preschoolers

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Time for some toilet roll craft fun!! This time, our we combine our love for axolotls and toilet paper rolls and make a super cute and easy axolotl toilet roll craft for preschoolers. I say preschoolers, as the craft is so so easy, but kids of all ages can make this cute axolotl craft. Maybe turn the toilet roll into a valetine’s gift box and make it an “I love you alotl” DIY idea?

toilet roll craft axolotl

Would this axolotl make the perfect “a” in the Toilet Roll Animal ABC? So cute!

What is an axolotl

Axolol are fabulous amphibians from Mexico that have amazing regenration properties. If they loose a limb, they simply grow one back! This makes them of great scientific interest. They are native ONLY to Mexico. So they really are very special little amphibian. They live their entire lives in water.. and are therefore sometimes known ast the Mexican walking fish. They naturally are either a very light pink/ almost white color or an axolotl black.

They have often been adapted to Kawaii axolotl drawings that are super cute and fun to make! Axolotls have also been popularised since they minecraft introduced their minecraft axolotl.

Fun axolotl puns for Valentines and beyond

axolotl crafts

Axolotls are great for “puns” as well. Our favourite are:

  • I love you alotl
  • Craft Alotl (this is in fact my daughters handle)
  • Read alotl (we made some adorable enamel pins with this)
  • Snack alotl

Do you catch my drift.. find your favourite something adn then add “alotl” to the end. Done.

If you would like this activity ad-free or in a handy worksheet format (e.g. for a library craft session or for working with a larger group of students). You can get a worksheet download here:

Supplies needed for your toilet roll axolotl craft:

simple axolotl craft
  • one paper roll per axolotl
  • scrap paper (for the axolotl’s ferns/ gills)
  • a stapler (though you can glue it too)
  • paint & brush
  • pen or markers for facial features

How to make a axolotl toilet roll craft!

cute axolotl craft and puns

This paper roll axolotl really is soooo easy to make! If, like us, you adore axolotls, you will wonder why you never made this axolitl craft before!

You can watch our simple video tutorial on auto play, or have a go at the following step by step instructions!

DIY Axolotl made from paper rolls – step instructions!

This axolotl is quite basic and focusses axolotl features such as the axolotl gills, face and colour. We haven’t worried about limbs or tail. though you can simply draw those on too!

paint the toilet roll in axolotl color

First up, choose your colours and supplies. Generally speaking we like a lighter colour for the axolotl’s body and a darker colour in the some colour scheme for the ferns/ gills. Paint your toilet paper roll in the desired colours and let dry. We went for classic axolotl pink, a light blue and a purple.

fold the side

Once the painted toilet rolls are dry. You will need to shape the top of the toilet roll to allow for the ferns and the axolotl’s face. Do this by gently squeezing in one side, making a little flap that inverts and flatten.

shape the axolotl head

Then repeat for the other side.

cut the axolotl gills

Cut some axolotl ferns. As mentioned, we made these a shade darker than the axolotl body colour. So this case dark pink gills are perfect. You can keep them simple and cut long ovals (this is great for younger children) or if you feel confident, cut out some ferns with the classic axolotl frills. You will need 3 for each side of the axolotl’s head.

EXTENSION IDEA: if working with younger children, you can practice counting to 3 and to 6, as well as adding to 3 and dividing by two.

staple the axolotl ferns

Place the ferns inside this fold and staple shut.

add the kawaii face

Take your makers and add a simple kawaii axolotl face. Basically two small eyes and a wide mouth.

finished toilet roll axolotl

Your basic axolotl is now finished!

Customizing your toilet roll axolotl for valentines & interests

axolotl accessories

Now if you want to use your axolotl for Valentines or other interests (e.g. during a library crafting season). Simply cut out additional shapes and write down your puns.

We like to keep it simple: cut out lots of hearts and write “I love you alotl”, or “Read Alotl”.

For the Valentines Axolotl Craft, you could stuff with Hershey Kisses and then pop a little tissue paper in the bottom to secure them, this way it becomes a little gift box.

read alotl

You could of course draw or make a simple book and write “read alotl”. The video tutorial on auto play shows how to make the book (basically: cut some rectangles and staple them together).

A taco for “snack a lotl” and take the theme further. For this, I cut a yellow circle, some red small circles for tomatoes and green strips for shredded lettuce. Stuck them together and then folded the taco up – but not all the way, enough to let the paper veg peep out!

But it is totally up to you!

valentines axolotl crafts

And so… our simple toilet roll axolotl craft for preschoolers and kids of all ages is FINISHED!


Remember.. we do love to craft alotl!

lots of axolotls

Here are LOTS of wonderful Axolotl’ gift boxes from my wonderful reader!

cute axolotl gift box

It is easy to stuff them with a treat and wrap a little tissue paper round the treats to secure them inside. Then bag them up and your Valentine’s Gifts are sorted!

axolotl crafts

Love the little messages!

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More axolotl crafts coming soon!

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